Credits and Transferring

Credit Transfers Into Hillsong College

If you have done previous study (in Australia or internationally) you may be able to transfer credit into our courses. This will allow you to invest more time in the practical dimensions of your course.

Recognised Prior Learning & Transferring

To qualify for credit transfer your studies will need to be:

  • With an accredited or recognised institution providing high quality training and education that is recognised by regulators and/or other colleges.
  • In a field equivalent or related to Hillsong College’s courses, streams or subjects.
  • Delivered at an appropriate post-high school level.
  • Completed within the last 10 years.

Applying to Hillsong College

Applying for credit transfer is straightforward. In addition to completing a Credit Transfer application you will need to provide the following:

  • Information about where you studied – its location, faculty, facilities courses and accreditation.
  • A copy of your transcript.
  • Subject and assessment overviews for subjects whose credit you’re seeking to transfer.

Once we have received all the materials upon or after your enrolment, we will evaluate your application and let you know the outcome. An application fee is involved.

As a Registered Training Organisation, Hillsong College recognises those vocational awards issued by other RTOs in Australia, providing mutual recognition as appropriate.