Dance Stream

The Dance Stream exists to teach and train Christian Dancers in the theoretical and leadership principles of dance, as well as preparing them to be able to lead a Christian Dance Ministry. We are passionate about equipping our dance students to be equally excellent in their craft as well as a Christlike example in the dance industry, both inside and outside the Church.

The Dance Stream course is formatted to include:

Classroom: various classroom and dance studio learning/workshopping environments;
Ministry: practical involvement with Hillsong Dance Ministry.

Please note:
Hillsong College students are able to take additional weekly group and private lessons through our Amplified Arts Academy which is open to the community to provide excellence in arts training and caters for all ages, from children to adults. These classes are additional to College tuition fees.

The Dance Ministry Stream is currently offered in first year

Certificate IV - Core Subjects

If you’re going to serve Jesus, there are some things you just have to know. Core Subjects are done by all students and build a foundation of the bible, doctrine personal leadership and ministry teamwork that can be applied in a wide range of life and ministry settings.

New Testament Introduction The books, themes and events of the New Testament in their cultural and historical context are introduced along with their application and relevance today.

Old Testament Introduction The books, themes and events of the Old Testament in their cultural and historical context are introduced along with their application and relevance today.

Christian Doctrine This subject identifies and explores a number of the major doctrines of the Bible, with the goal of building a solid foundation of truth for Christian life and ministry.

Spirit-Filled Living The person and work of the Holy Spirit is introduced including an investigation of the baptism in the Spirit, spiritual gifts and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Personal Leadership This subject introduces principles of spiritual leadership and is designed to assist the student in building godly character into their life as a Christian leader, both spiritually and practically. It covers critical issues including, integrity, core values, healthy living, relationships and finance.

Personal Evangelism This subject is customised to equip students with the skills and understanding to effectively share the Gospel in a wide range of settings, from a personal relationship to the public sphere.

Teamwork This subject trains the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to work successfully in a team setting.

Communication in Ministry This subject trains the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to successfully communicate in ministry settings.

Church and Ministry A wide range of aspects of church ministry and culture are introduced from a biblical basis including how we make church relevant today.

Certificate IV - Stream subjects

If you’re a dancer, the Dance subjects in the first year will train you in the theoretical and leadership principles of dance, and get you ready to lead a dance ministry in your local church.

  • Introduction to Dance Ministry: This subject introduces you to dance as a ministry within the local church. It explores the biblical and theological foundations for dance as a ministry and form of creative worship and expression. It also investigates the practical dimensions of a dance ministry within the worship and creative life of the church.
  • Dance Technique Foundations, Development and Repertoire:  These subjects cover a variety of dance styles, focusing on basic technique, expression and performance particular to each style. These styles may include ballet, jazz, contemporary and hip hop amongst others. You will learn and apply technical skills to correctly execute movements and routines, whilst ensuring safe dance practice, as well as understand the relationship between musical accompaniments and various technique styles.  
  • Choreography 1 & 2: This subject teaches you the tools and skills of industry professional choreography. You will research well-known choreographers and apply structural components of movement in order to communicate the creative message. You will also create short choreographic works of your own and incorporate your broad range of dance knowledge into your compositions. This subject teaches you to “think outside the box” and manage creatively challenging moments. 
  • Dance Performance 1 & 2 This essential class teaches both performance skills and performance psychology techniques in order to equip you with the skills to communicate on many levels. You will learn a variety of dance styles used in different contexts in order to increase performance skills. You will also perform in an array of settings to gain practical and live experience.
  • Dance Anatomy & Nutrition This subject teaches you to have a holistic approach to your dance studies, assisting you both internally and externally. You will learn to apply the basic principles of health and nutrition, along with knowledge of alignment and understanding musculoskeletal structures to improve posture and to help prevent injury.