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Diploma of Ministry

Diploma of Ministry

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Build your leadership
Our Diploma program will take your leadership training to the next level. By building on what you learned in your first year, your understanding of the Bible and theology will continue to expand. You’ll now start adding team and people leadership to your ministry skillset, whilst continuing to grow in your area of ministry. All this while continuing to put what you’re learning in to practice in ways that make a real impact.

Course Structure

Entry Requirement: Certificate IV in Ministry
Core Subjects: 240 hours
Stream Subjects: 240 hours
Practicum: 240 hours

Core Subjects are done by all students, and now enlarge their understanding and skills in bible, theology, team leadership and ministry to people.

Everyone chooses a Stream that further develops their expertise in their ministry of passion and calling.

Practicum is where each student continues to grow by turning their classroom learning into real leadership skill through hands-on experience in an area of ministry in Hillsong Church.

One year (two semesters) full-time.

Leadership Training
Our second year program enlarges your knowledge of biblical teaching and theology, while starting to develop your team and people leadership skills. It also allows you to further develop expertise in your chosen area of ministry. Put it all together and our Diploma program trains you with the skills you need to lead a ministry team, or exert leadership within a local church or Christian organisation, for example:

  • A youth team leader
  • A worship leader,
  • A music or vocal director.
  • An leader in a kids or student team
  • A team leader in a church video team
  • Lead a discipleship group
  • Lead a community outreach or social justice team
  • Run church events
  • Coach young songwriters

The course also trains you with the skills needed in marketplace careers in the same field as your Stream’s ministry specialisation.

Innovative Learning Environment
Our study program takes place in a variety of settings including lecture-style classes, group-work, presentation, self-directed learning activities, workshops, tutorials and work-based training. Assessment methods include written assignments, reports and journals, oral and written presentations, ministry observation, performances, portfolios, tests, and work-place feedback.

At the end of your second year
After successfully completing your second year of study you are eligible to receive a Diploma of Ministry. This gives you entry into the Advanced Diploma of Ministry course, the third year of our program. And through our articulation arrangement with Alpha Crucis, the Diploma also gives you one year’s advanced standing in their Bachelor of Theology program.

Students are entitled to receive each award at the conclusion of each qualification. However most of our students elect to receive all of their awards together at our public graduation ceremony at the completion of all their studies.

Fees & Costs
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