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Hillsong College USA Donations

Support The Future of Hillsong College USA

Hillsong College is committed to raising, equipping, empowering and releasing generations of anointed leaders around the globe. We are dedicated to equipping our students for lives of impact and you can join us in this mission; a mission we have been outworking for over 30 years. With 14,000+ graduates around the globe, our alumni are truly making a difference, not only within the four walls of the Church but in business, government, education, healthcare, music and not-for-profits.

General Donations

Support the mission of Hillsong College practically as we continue to expand, take new ground and raise healthy leaders who are dedicated to the cause of the local church. General donations will be allocated at the discretion of Hillsong College and will be utilized to fund various projects, initiatives and needs. We are very grateful for your consideration, contribution and commitment to our mission!


Please note: Tax deductibility applies to USA citizens and residents. General College donations will be allocated at the discretion of Hillsong College.

General College Sponsorship Fund

Partner with Hillsong College USA to financially support our incredible students with their tuition! General College Sponsorship donations will contribute to an overall scholarship fund which will be allocated to students at the discretion of Hillsong College. Thank you for your consideration, contribution and support of our student body! .

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Our Future Students team are happy to help and answer any questions you might have.