Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which department do you teach in?

Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which courses are you currently teaching?

RES101 (BTh) and VET

What are your research interests?

Teaching and Learning, Assessment, and Evidence-based practice in education.

Academic Qualifications

DipTch (Prim), BEd, MEd (Edith Cowan)

What is your job role?

I lecture in the core Research and Academic Literacy unit in the BTh. This unit orients new students to the critical thinking and academic literacy skills necessary for success in Higher Education. I also oversee Quality Assurance of the Hillsong College Higher Education Program.


My 20+ years’ experience in the university environment has provided knowledge and understanding of the policies, processes and procedures relevant to providing quality teaching, learning and administration in our Higher Education context. My teaching and research experience during that time allows me to support students in learning new strategies for engaging with reading and writing, thinking and communicating effectively.


I am absolutely amazed at how God purposed my years at a public university to set me up to contribute to Hillsong College launching as a Higher Education provider. I have always been involved in education with a passion to inspire a new generation of educators. Now I get to support educators in inspiring a new generation of church leaders. A world class college leads in teaching, learning and administration and my desire is to add value to our brilliant college with what God has grown in me.


The Lecturers and Tutors at Hillsong College are some of the most high capacity and passionate people I have worked with. The college experience and the quality and expertise of the Higher Education Faculty is the reason why Hillsong College raises, equips and empowers intelligent, spirit filled leaders.

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