Principal, Phoenix USA

Which department do you teach in?

Undergraduate Studies & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which courses are you currently teaching?

Public Speaking and Communication – Cert IV, Theology – Diploma, Corinthians – Advanced Diploma, Preaching and Communication – Degree Online.

What are your research interests?

No current research; planning and developing Hillsong College USA

Academic Qualifications

Master of Arts in Christian Studies (Alphacrucis College), Bachelor of Arts in Communication (University of South Carolina – Aiken), Advanced Diploma in Ministry (Hillsong College), Cert IV Training and Assessment (Blueprint Career Development)


I was born and raised in Aiken, South Carolina in the United States of America. I became a Christian at the age of 16 during a youth camp at Daytona Beach, Florida. After graduating high school, I pursued a baseball scholarship. . I served in youth ministry at my local church while studying Communications at the University of South Carolina, Aiken. After graduating in 2009, I went on to Charleston, South Carolina where I continued to serve and work in youth ministry.

In 2011, I began my first year at Hillsong College, graduating 3 years later with an Advanced Diploma in Ministry. I then went on to complete a Master of Arts in Christian Studies with a focus in biblical studies (exegesis of various passages in 1 Corinthians).

I’ve now been on staff at Hillsong Church for over 7 years and 4 of those years have been with Hillsong College. Alongside my wife of 6 years and my son, I am called to build the local church through equipping students at Hillsong College.


Attending Hillsong College set me up for what God has purposed me to do. I discovered talents that I did not know I had, and skills that I needed to develop in order to thrive in life and ministry. I developed a strong work ethic through college and an inner voice that now tells me to never quit, trust God and dream big.
Hillsong College is one of the best training grounds for leadership, ministry and life. It will help one grow as a person and discover more of who they are in Christ. You will grow also in competency, confidence and character. You will develop skills in your selected/chosen area of focus. You will be encouraged to go for more with God and believe in yourself. You will learn how to build healthy foundations for life that will sustain you in your calling.
We raise, equip, empower and release – discipleship is our goal.

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