Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which department do you teach in?

Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which courses are you currently teaching?

World Perspectives, Christian Ethics, Apologetics, Contemporary Theologies, Coaching, Christian Worldview, Theology & Popular Culture

What are your research interests?

Christian Ethics, Moral Philosophy, Political Theology, Religion & Public Life

Academic Qualifications

Cert IV TAE, Adv Dip Min, BTh, MA, PhD (Cand. 2018)


Parkes C. (2017) The Contours of Hillsong’s Socio-Ethical Engagement. In: Riches T., Wagner T. (eds) The Hillsong Movement Examined. Christianity and Renewal – Interdisciplinary Studies. Palgrave Macmillan. (Also presented at SSSR 2017, Washington D.C.)
Parkes C. (2018) “The Tyranny of Compassion” How does Stanley Hauerwas’ approach to the virtues enhance or challenge Pentecostal approaches to justice and the poor? (Presented At The 46th Annual Meeting Of The Society For Pentecostal Studies. Christian Ethics Interest Group. Cleveland, Tennesee)
Parkes C. (2018) From Command to Chronicle: How does Stanley Hauerwas’ ‘biblical ethics’ enhance or challenge the way the bible is used in making ethical arguments in Pentecostal communities? Forthcoming Presentation At The 47th Annual Meeting Of The Society For Pentecostal Studies. Christian Ethics Interest Group
Parkes, C. (2018) Pentecostal Ethics of the Australian Christian Churches in Light of Hauerwas’ Account of Virtue and Narrative. Doctoral Thesis. (Forthcoming)

What is your job role?

My role at Hillsong College is multifaceted, and has evolved over the last 8 years. As well as lecturing across our Australian Campuses, my responsibilities include oversight of three of our premium programs: Our Advanced Diploma of Ministry, our Bachelors Programs and our Masters Programs. I am also responsible for two of our local Australian Campuses (Brisbane & Melbourne) as well as our Global Online Campus. My major focus in all of these areas are ensuring the programs are healthy and growing and working closely with the respective teams to consistently deliver a quality product and student experience that contributes towards Hillsong College’s core mission: to raise, equip, empower and release!


Many of the courses I am involved with teaching could incorrectly be perceived as abstract and theory heavy. One of the key take homes in any theological subject, and this is something I have learned on my particular journey of learning and study is the interconnectedness of: our beliefs (what we think), our actions (what we do), and our dispositions (how we feel). Our theology classes at Hillsong College challenge us to align all three dimensions of our lives and underscores the determinative role of worldview plays and contextualises this in the context of local church ministry.


The most rewarding parts of working at Hillsong College (my 4 years of study at College from 2005-2008 is a given!) are twofold. Firstly, the moments in a classroom, whether it be a large lecture or a small tutorial or coaching group, when our students capture the information in a way that it becomes transformative for them personally, or practically. For example, they clearly see the relevance and significance of the subject in their ministry setting or future ministry plans. And secondly, speaking to our alumni, who, years on, recall how the classes and ministry experience from their time in college have impacted the way they are living their life and executing their vocation.

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