Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which department do you teach in?

Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which courses are you currently teaching?

New Testament Introduction, Isaiah, Luke/Acts, Romans & Galatians

What are your research interests?

My current thesis is on the topic of: How does irony function in the Gospel of John

Academic Qualifications

BTh, MTh (Candidate) at Hillsong College

What is your job role?

I love what I get to do at Hillsong College as I’m involved in both our VET and Degree/Master’s programs. I mainly teach New Testament and Language subjects across our courses and absolutely love it. The New Testament is right in the centre of our faith and I love seeing it come alive to every one of our students at their various levels. My goal at the end of every course is for every student to be more in love with the Bible than ever before and I believe we accomplish that at Hillsong College.


I majored in Biblical Studies in my Bachelor of Theology with a strong leaning towards Biblical languages. I have continued this in my Masters of Theology, focusing on the New Testament and particularly the gospel of John. I have also been serving at Hillsong church for 19 years in various capacities with 7 of those years focused in Hillsong College. One of the unique things I love about my role is assisting our platform team in research for their preaching and teaching. I love being able to use academics to build the Church.


I love seeing our students get equipped for the future. Be that a future in ministry, preaching, leadership, academics or simply expanding one’s individual faith, our courses have the flexibility to build those foundations as our alumni prove time and time again.


I’m passionate about what I do because there are so many colleges out there that produce academics that don’t know how to pastor their congregation or ministers who don’t know how to engage with the big questions their congregation are having. But we produce students that are well rounded, not afraid of the big questions and capable of translating them into every day, practical ministry. After all, Theology that doesn’t inspire service, isn’t good theology at all. I’m passionate about Hillsong College because it changed my life, and I see it change every single student that come into our classrooms.

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