Undergraduate & Postgraduate

Which department do you teach in?

Undergraduate & Postgraduate

Which courses are you currently teaching?

Apologetics, Ecclesiology, Trinity and Creation, Christian Worldview, Introduction to the Bible.

What are your research interests?

Trinity, Providence, Ecclesiology, Ethics, Apologetics, Biblical History

Academic Qualifications

BA, DipEd, BD (Hons), PhD


H. D. Nelson, The Problem of the Providence of God (New York: Edwin Mellen Press, 2010).
H. D. Nelson, “A Trinitarian Perspective on the Destiny of the Unevangelized,” in M. Parsons (ed.), Text and Task: Scripture and Mission (London: Paternoster, 2006).
H. D. Nelson, “The Dynamic Stillness of God: Trinitarian Conceptions of Divine Immutability and Impassibility,” in M. Habets and P. Tolliday (eds), Trinitarian Theology After Barth (Princeton Theological Monograph Series; Eugene, OR.: Pickwick, 2010).
H. D. Nelson, ‘Meet the Real Jesus’, in J. John (ed.), Proclaiming Christmas: 40 Timeless Talks and Sermons (Chorleywood, UK: Philo Trust, 2012).

What is your job role?

I teach in the Bachelors and Masters programs across a range of units with a particular focus toward Systematic Theology and Biblical Studies. Drawing on experience in both the theological education world and the church ministry world, I am able to bring to bear an academic and theological foundation to considerations of Christian leadership and the opportunities and responsibilities of ministry.


I’ve had more than 20 years of Christian leadership experience in theological education and church settings. Most recently I was Senior Minister of Riverview Church in Perth, Western Australia. Riverview Church is a multi-generational community of over 5000 people, 70 staff and a wide range of ministries including community services, Children’s Foundation and television. Prior to that I was Principal of the Bible College of Western Australia which equipped students for Christian ministry in a range of ministry contexts. In addition, I’ve had 7 years of law-enforcement experience as a Police Officer and Police Detective that provided a raw and real preparation for ministry.


My desire is to demonstrate the many ways in which profound theological truth can have enormous implications for practical Christian trust. Put another way, orthodoxy (right believing) can and does shape orthopraxy (right living). My hope is that our students will be gripped by God’s saving purposes for his world and become fully-informed and fully-equipped servant leaders committed to lives that honour God, proclaim Jesus and build the church.


Hillsong College is particularly unique in that it is placed at the heart of the vibrant community of Hillsong Church. Consequently, it provides an unparalleled opportunity for theological education and reflection to be done in the context of and at the coalface of innovative, effective and exciting church ministry. This integration of thinking and doing – of contemplation and application – is a potent and proven combination for raising, equipping, empowering and releasing a new generation of church leaders.

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