Which department do you teach in?


Which courses are you currently teaching?

I run the Online campus for Higher Ed and teach periodically in specific classes like Theology of Social Justice and Contemporary Theologies.

What are your research interests?

Third-World Theologies, Contextual Theology, and Post-Colonial studies. My research area has been in African Traditional Religions (ATR) in South Africa and Black Theology. My current research is continuing with Black theology and Christian Spirituality.

Academic Qualifications

Adv. Dip. B.A. (Marketing and Media), B.Th. M.Th.

What is your job role?

My role is primarily Undergraduate Co-Ordinator Online Campus, Pastoral/Theological trainer. The Online campus has the potential to be a leader in the field of Online study with distinguishing, studio quality lectures. This role is unique and important as it reaches a demographic of prospective students who could not attend Hillsong College on campus by providing an avenue for them to study towards a degree. My focus is growing the online student base and constantly improving the quality of Hillsong Online. In addition to this, my role on campus and areas of research, aim to bring prominence to marginalised people groups (historically and in current contexts) through specific theologies. Thus, any subject/topic that relates to race relations, suspicious hermeneutics and how Christians should respond to these matters, is of importance to me. I believe that all students should be willing to learn more about the role of power in theological and biblical studies if they are to engage in the world.


I’ve been on staff at Hillsong for 4 years first coming on staff as the night receptionist/venue in my 3rd year of Hillsong College and throughout my B.Th., then as the Alphacrucis College campus manager at the Hills campus for 18 months and then online campus co-ordinator for 10months. I’ve been involved in campus co-ordinating for a number of years thus preparing me for the online campus. I am responsible for organising lecturers, course progression, teaching and learning outcomes for online students that are unique, budgets, projections and innovating learning platforms.


As previously mentioned, I believe in translating the Christian message to current contexts. Our social climate is dynamic which means there are skills that need to be learned in order to speak to current trends while holding onto Christian perspectives. However, contextual relevance is redundant without a truthful understanding of history. Hillsong College is an international college; online students are studying within a context, therefore, being able to study online or on campus requires translation of theological/biblical truths. Students who graduate with Hillsong College/Online will learn within a culture that moves toward building the church and preparing thinkers to engage in the world with grace and conviction.


I came to Hillsong College to pursue ministry with the goal of becoming a pastor. My time in college has encouraged me to continue learning and challenge myself to always approach the biblical text with respect but think creatively about theology. I’ve never been an academic but the belief and confidence I learned through Hillsong College helped me realise the love I had for learning and thus spoke to the potential within me.

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