Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which department do you teach in?

I teach in our Advanced Diploma and Bachelors Degree.

Which courses are you currently teaching?

I mainly teach across our Biblical Studies classes, which include the following units: The Synoptic Gospels, The Johannines, The Book of Revelation, The Prison Epistles, The Prophetic Literature, and the Corinthian Correspondence. I’ve also spent some time in classes like Theology & Film, Academic Research & Writing, and New Testament Greek 1&2.

What are your research interests?

My main area of interest is in Apocalyptic Literature. Other interests include; the Synoptic Gospels, the Fourth Gospel, Myth, and Apocryphal & Pseudepigraphal texts of the Second Temple Period.

Academic Qualifications

I have a Cert IV in Training and Assessing, a Bachelor of Theology degree (BTh), and a Master of Theology degree (MTh).

What is your job role?

I am the Program Director for the Bachelor of Theology, so my area of focus is on the quality and development of that award. Along with this I am also part of our teaching and training staff. We work hard to ensure that our students can experience a world-class environment of critical engagement, married with spiritual potency and practical application for ministry.


I’ve been a part of this church since the day I was born, and as a result I have developed a heart for ministry and discipleship. I was taught how to lead through our youth ministry, and along the way I realised that I have a passion for teaching. Ever since it has been my goal to learn and grow, so that I can help my church community explore theology and the bible.

I’ve now been teaching at Hillsong College since 2013, and am blown away that I get to chase that passion for learning and discipleship as my actual job.


I find so much joy in helping people understand a concept better, and in exploring big ideas. I also appreciate that not everyone wants to venture into the realms of academia. So my passion is to do the best that I can to learn at the highest level that I am capable of, in order to help serve others with information that will help enrich their faith and life.

The thing that sets this college environment apart from other institutions, is that we pursue this rigorous study while being fully involved in the daily life of our church. It’s an environment where head and heart can come together to serve others.


Being a part of Hillsong Church and College has been instrumental for me in shaping a life of “both/and”. Instead of having to choose between study or ministry, Hillsong has taught me that you can chase both callings, as well as enjoying it along with a vibrant community of likeminded people.

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