Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which department do you teach in?

Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which courses are you currently teaching?

HIS302 Early & Medieval Christian History

What are your research interests?

Suicide in the middle ages, medieval historiography and hagiography.

Academic Qualifications

Diploma of Ministry (Hillsong College), Cert IV TAE in Workplace Training & Assessment, Bachelor of Theology (Alpha Crucis College), Master of Theology (Catholic Institute of Sydney), MA Ancient History (Macquarie University)

What is your job role?

I am involved in the writing and teaching of our history units as well as a range of other tutorials across our awards in different disciplines.Why is this role important to you? Because history as a discipline is vital to the faith and the tradition of the Christian church. I focus on the Greco-Roman through to late antiquity period and, all units seeks to go beyond historical generalities often popularised by a folk reading of history. The endless and fascinating nature of primary sources inspires and excites me. in these courses you can expect to gain a more informed understanding of both Christian historiography and the rise and growth of the Christian church as an institution.


I have worked in college for 11 years tutoring in a range of disciplines and subjects. my field of expertise is history generally but particularly the Greco-Roman world through to the late medieval age. My experience and training in both history and theology qualify me for the job, as I have
worked in college for over a decade and I have been involved in course writing, tutoring, compliance and accreditation, moderation, training tutors, and course advisement across both our VET and higher education programs.


This course aims to give a well-rounded view of church history that will only further add to students further learning in other subjects and disciplines. Students gain the ability to think in detail and analyse carefully events of the past that are of particular interest to the church and its intersection within society. My aspiration and hope after having a cohort of students come through a unit is to gift them the same love of history that I have and to enable them to think in a fashion that compliments what they have learned. In doing this course, the unique experience is centred on campus life and likely best seen through classroom interactions in both lectures and tutorials.


Hillsong College was the context in which I firstly developed a desire for reading history and theology and secondly felt it heavily impressed upon me to peruse teaching. It has been from that period of my life on that I pursue such an end.

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