Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which department do you teach in?

Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which courses are you currently teaching?

Dip. Historical Theology, Adv. Dip. Contemporary Theologies, BTh. Christian Ethics, BTh and MA. Hermeneutics

What are your research interests?

Hermeneutics, Literary theory, Philosophy in general, Epistemology, Theological method, Postmodern theory. I am currently finishing my MTH Thesis comparing the interpretive approaches to scripture of two scholars; Elizabeth Schussler Fiorenza and Kevin Vanhoozer. They both belong to very different traditions and thus they make for an interesting comparison as to how their foundational philosophical, theological and ethical commitments inform their theory and practise of interpretation.

Academic Qualifications

BTh, MTh (Cand.)

What is your job role?

I oversee the running of the MA and BTH awards at the City Campus. I teach in these awards and help facilitate and grow an enjoyable, vibrant community of both learning and friendship. I also help transition students after their vocational studies into the MA and BTH awards. I have personally benefited greatly from the study of theology. I find the subject absolutely fascinating and life changing, the way it informs both mind and heart and flows into one’s living and life direction. So it is a huge privilege to be a part of facilitating others studying the subject for their growth and health, but also for the church universal. Our academic and critical study of theology takes place within the practise of a vibrant missional church. This allows one to continually be reminded and to practise the submitting of their learning to the service of Christ’s church and mission. The hope that we would come to know the God who is in Jesus more clearly, and his desire for us is what inspires me. That we would get it wrong less, and get it beautifully right for the transformation of ourselves, the church, and world. Interpretation is an academic exercise until embodied in lives, then it is potent witness.

The job roles for such a study are most immediately pastoring, teaching, authoring, social justice. However one experience that is so fascinating is the way a student comes into the course and discovers deep passions they never knew Jesus had. This then translates into their own passion, all of a sudden a path they may have never considered is before them, I believe by the spirits direction. Often the student finds themselves entirely convicted that they can do nothing but whatever it may be. I think this is very cool, very common, and extremely exciting. In this way the course shapes ones desires and passion on a foundational level that then deeply informs the rest of their lives regardless of what they may do for work.


Finished my Diploma in Ministry, Bachelor of Theology and Master of Theology. I have taught in Hillsong College for the last four and a half years as a vocational trainer and now in the Bachelor of Theology and Master of Arts. I have also been a Leader in Youth ministry and Young adult’s ministry. My fields of expertise are Biblical interpretation and General theology. I have had a keen interest in theology and reading have been in this field for the last 8 years.


To see healthy Christians build healthy families, ethics and relationships in the marketplace is an ultimate goal of mine. Our course not only helps mature hearts, mindsets and perspectives, but it also connects students from all walks of the globe. Life long relationships are built here that help students feel equipped and empowered not only for graduation, but also as alumni in the market place and church.

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