Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which Department you teach in:

Undergraduate & Vocational Education Training (VET)

Which courses are you currently teaching:

New Testament Studies, Pentateuch, Old Testament Introduction, Historical Books of the Old Testament, Minor Prophets

What are your research interests?

Bibliology, Narrative Criticism, Apologetics

Academic Qualifications:

MTh, BCM, DipMin, BMkt

What is your job role – what do you do?

I have the incredible privilege of teaching the Bible to church leaders from all over the world. Every generation of pastors has the challenge of presenting an ancient message in new and contemporary methods, sensitive to their surrounding needs but authentic to the Spirit behind it – I get to help them meet this challenge. The biblical courses we offer at Hillsong College draw from both academic scholarship and practical ministry, allowing both to shape students’ understanding of the Bible and its role in their lives.


I’ve had a number of different responsibilities in church since moving through worship slides on an overhead projector when I was 10. At the moment my wife and I oversee the connect group ministry at our 6pm service at the Hills and I’ve had my Probationary Ministry Certificate for 12 months now. Academically, I attended Hillsong College for my Diploma and Bachelor’s degree in pastoral ministry before doing my Masters of Theology at the Catholic Institute of Sydney. My thesis was a narrative-critical study of the Joseph story and its connection with Judah.


The letter kills but the Spirit gives life – too often Bible study gets caught up in ‘the letter’, either analysing and critiquing the life out of it or being too busy defending doctrine that the text itself has nothing else to say to us. What excites me about this course is that we can take the academic world seriously without losing the inspiration and freedom that the Spirit allows the text when we see it active in the Church.


I came to college with very small ideas of what the Church could be – how it impacted communities, brought the gospel to life and forged genuine connections between God and His people. Hillsong College helped me see all that and honestly made me a bigger and better person with a stronger belief in the Bible and more in love with Jesus than ever before. I also met my wife through college, which was nice.

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