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How long do I have to wait to get a response from you once I have submitted my application?

Once we have received a completed application, you will get a response in a few days. If your application is not complete, we will contact you requesting that you submit the remaining aspects of your application. Please note that incomplete applications cannot be processed.

What if I haven't known my pastor for more than 12 months?

In this case, we would request that you get a Pastoral Reference form from both your current pastor and your previous church pastor, or an additional 2 character references.

Can I get a different pastor than from my home church to fill out the Pastoral Reference form?

We prefer the Pastoral Reference form to come from the pastor that you put on your application as your home church.

Do I need to be water baptised or baptised in the Holy Spirit to apply?

No, but it would be a good idea to read the Hillsong Church “What We Believe” statement as these are taught as being fundamentals in your Christian walk.

Do I need to be attending a local church to apply?

We require that you have been attending one church for at least 12 months prior to applying to study.

Will I need a car?

It would be your personal preference if you decide to buy a car as you will not be required to own one for college. However, having a car broadens your ability to work.

What is the difference between the Hills and City campus? Which do you think is the better one of the two?

Academically there is no difference between our two campuses. The courses are identical and all of our key pastoral and lecturing staff teach at both campuses equally.

Does Hillsong College teach English?

At present the College does not have English language courses.  Should you wish to enhance your English for Academic purposes or prepare for your IELTS test in Australia, we recommend enroling in an IELTS preparation course, or english for academic purpose course provided by Australia Language College  prior to commencing studies with Hillsong College. 

Can I study Pastoral Leadership and Worship Music at the same time? Or can I study Film & TV and Worship Music at the same time?

Due to the course load, it is not possible to study more than one stream at a time.
However, you are able to study one stream for one year and transfer to a different stream for your second year.

What are the hours like at college? Is there a day off? Weekend requirements... what does this mean?

College runs from 8:00AM until approximately 3:00-4:00PM four days per week (daily finish times vary depending on your personal timetable). Students are also required to serve in two of the weekend church services as a part of their course. Yes – you will get one day off in the Mon-Fri week.

I have previously studied at another college, can I apply for Recognised Prior Learning (RPL) or be exempt from certain classes?

Once you’ve been accepted to the college, you can obtain an RPL policy. 

Should I bring a laptop or desktop computer?

The college library has a number of computers with internet access available for student use. However, we recommend you bring your own laptop.

Is there any required or recommended software for any of the courses?

Students are not required to purchase any programs as a part of their course however there are programs used in the Film & TV and Worship Music Streams that students may want to familiarise themselves with before arrival. For the Film & TV Stream, students are primarily trained using MAC computers and the following programs are used: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. For the Worship Music stream, Logic, Pro Tools, and Garage Band (mac) is used. Worship Music to a lesser extent. Please note that if any of these programs are required as a part of class instruction or necessary for assessment purposes, students will be given access to them and will not be required to have their own copy of the program.

Are printers available on campus for students or will I need one of those as well?

We have 2 laser printers that are available to students using the college library computers.

I am married with a family, do you have day care for my children... Can you cater for them?

The College does not provide day care services for children. But we can connect you to some college couples who will be able to assist you in finding schools or day care centres closest to your place of stay. We recommend that you plan to arrive at least 2 weeks before Orientation and Enrolment to organise your children.

Does the college offer financial aid or student loans?

The college is unable to provide scholarships or financial aid. Students raise their finances by either working before coming to college and saving, or having friends, family or church members support them. Whilst saying this, please do not discount God’s ability to intervene in your circumstances. We have many students both past and present that God has miraculously provided a means by which they have come to college.

My family from overseas is planning to come out for Hillsong Conference/Graduation, can the College help accommodate them during their stay?

You would need to arrange accomodation for your family, College is not able to help you accomodate them.

Can I get a job at Hillsong Church after graduating from college?

Hillsong Church and College are firmly committed to “championing the cause of the local church”. To that end, we see that a team is built by relationship (as well as skill, character, integrity and gifting) rather than a secular ‘job hunting’ model. The College does not offer a job placement scheme as such and the onus is on you to build relationship and sow yourself into the life of your home church so much so, that the leadership of your church (or denomination) is compelled to put you on staff because of the responsibility, excellence and ownership you lead with.

Is it hot in Australia all year round?

Australia does get hot, but it also gets quite cold as well.

Summer: 28° C to 33° C (82° F – 91° F)

Winter: 12° C to 18° C (53° F – 65° F)

What clothes do I need to bring?

Summer months are quite warm. Bring light summer clothes. For winter, we recommend a warm jacket and jumpers (sweaters), scarves and gloves.

What books do I need to bring? Can I find out what books I will need before coming to college? What translation of the bible does Hillsong Church use?

The book list is given out in the first few weeks of lectures and most books are available from the college library. 

Why do fees differ from stream to stream?

Streams differ in regards to the number of trainers and the type and amount of equipment and resources needed to give each student the best training experience. The difference in fees between streams reflects the higher trainer to student ratio and more expensive equipment requirements for training in some areas of ministry. Our Fees are calculated to allow us to resource the stream effectively making the whole learning experience as rewarding as possible.

What is the Application Fee?

This is a fee collected by the College as part of the initial application process. It covers the administration costs associated with processing applications for enrolment.

What is the Accommodation Application Fee?

The Accommodation Application fee is collected by the College to secure accommodation on behalf of the students

Do I have to pay a Bond or Deposit?

The College leases unfurnished apartments, townhouses and houses on behalf of students and is required to pay a Rental Bond, based on 4 weeks rent, to the NSW Department of Fair Trading as well as 2 weeks advance rent to the Real Estate Agent. Students moving into Hillsong College Accommodation are required to pay a non-refundable AUD$250 Utility/Maintenance Deposit which is used to cover part of the final electricity, gas and water bills at the end of the student’s tenancy, plus any maintenance and re-painting, gardens and garbage removal at the end of the tenancy.

Will I have to connect the Utilities?

The College arranges for electricity and gas connections with the utility companies, on behalf of the students. Water bills are sent to the College by the landlord. Utility and water bills will be paid by the students on a pro-rated basis and payment is made in the same way that rent is paid.

Will I have to arrange internet and phone connections?

The College does not arrange anything in relation to internet or phones. It is an individual thing which students arrange themselves.

Can I enroll into College on a Bridging Visa (while awaiting my student visa response)?

When you enroll as an international student, you must either have been granted a student visa or prove that you have applied for one and are currently on a bridging visa. If you choose to enrol without having been granted your student visa and later need to withdraw due to a visa refusal, course fees for the current semester and incidental fees will not be refunded.

I’m a returning student, can I re-enrol into College without submitting a new application on the website?

When you are looking to resume your studies with us, you do not have to submit a new application form if it has been within 12 months of your study. If you have not studied with us in the past 12 months, we will require a new application to be submitted on our website. To create and submit a new application form, please click here.

If you are within 12 months of your study, you will not need to submit a new application, you will however go through our Admissions deferral process. The following information will be requested below:

– Updated pastoral reference

– Updated testimony (A briefing on what have you been up to the last 12 months)

– Updated financial plan (what do you currently have saved and what are you yet to save *in AUD)

– Sponsor letter (if someone is sponsoring partial or all of your tuition & misc. fees)

– Current portrait photograph of yourself

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