We are excited that you’re considering studying at Hillsong College! Whether you’re beginning your education journey or hoping to further your studies, Hillsong College can be your next step. Read more below to explore our undergraduate and postgraduate study options, and to learn more about exciting additions to our courses coming soon.

Master of Theology

Master of Theology

Study In Israel

Study In Israel

Campus Options

Campus Options



Reintroducting: Master of Theology

In 2020, we’re offering a compact and convenient way of earning your postgraduate degree amidst your ongoing commitments.

We are so excited to announce that our Master of Theology degree will be available on campus in 2020! This course will include one intensive and extensive subject. This means that you will have a compact intensive class at the beginning of each semester. Then, from that point onward, you will be on campus one day a week attending your extensive class when studying full-time.

Study In Israel

A brand new subject is being added to our undergraduate and postgraduate courses that offers an unparalleled experience.

Join our team on the ground in Israel for a Biblical Studies intensive! Students will have the opportunity for Biblical History to become tangible as they dive deeper into the scriptures at key Old Testament and New Testament locations and experience contemporary ministry at Hillsong Church Israel.

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Campus Options

With full-time and part-time options available online and on-campus, tailoring your education journey can be simple.

Our undergraduate or postgraduate courses are available on campus in Sydney, Australia. Our Hills and City locations are purposely located on Hillsong Church campuses; keeping students right at the heart of community, church and practical ministry experience.

Or bring the classroom to you and choose to study online and make your education goals attainable at your own pace! Studying with Hillsong College Online provides a dynamic learning experience and connection to community by combining studio and in-class recorded teachings with digital libraries, student discussion forums, and personal support from your Hillsong College lecturers.


Gaining your undergraduate or postgraduate degree can be achieved through various pathways at Hillsong College. Reaching educational goals and having a transformational experience is attainable in one place.

Duration of undergraduate and postgraduate programs

We are often asked how long it takes to complete our bachelor or master’s degree programs at Hillsong College. The duration of your course depends upon your availability and subjects chosen.

Full-Time Study:

Bachelor’s = 3 years

Master’s = 1.5 years

Part-Time Study:

Bachelor’s = 6-10 years

Master’s = 3-7 years

Combining Hands-on Vocational Training and Academic Study

A popular choice amongst our students is to begin with our hands-on vocational training program. Credits earned in our vocational courses flow seamlessly into our undergraduate or postgraduate courses, making this transition simple. Here are a couple of examples of how this is attainable:

2+2 Method

Duration: 4 years

Studying within our vocational program for two years earns your Certificate IV and Diploma of Ministry . Those two years of vocational study equates to a whole year of our bachelor’s degree program. Our Bachelor’s degree, as mentioned above, is a three-year program, but when combined with our Diploma of Ministry vocational credits, can be earned in two years. Achieving your Certificate IV and Diploma of Ministry and Bachelor of Theology all within four years.

3+1.5 Method

Duration: 4.5 years

Partaking in an additional year of our vocational program earns a Certificate IV, Diploma, and Advanced Diploma of Ministry in totality. Earning an Advanced Diploma in Ministry equates to 1.5 years of our Bachelor’s degree program. Meaning that completing 3 years in our vocational program and achieving a Bachelor of Theology can be achieved in four and a half years.

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