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A New Era of Education

Hillsong College is pleased to announce the release of an Online Education Experience through Alphacrucis College!  Online learning is now available for students to study Ministry & Theology.

Wherever you are across the globe, you can join our world-class faculty and team as we explore subjects such as Old Testament, New Testament, Church History and Theology. Sign up and begin your online learning experience today!

We cannot wait for you to join us this semester!!
There are two intakes yearly, February and July!

Education Experience

This Online Education Experience is unique due to its combination of theological higher education partnered with the vibrant community life of Hillsong Church and Hillsong College.

World Class Faculty

As an Online student, you will be able to interact with our world-class faculty and be empowered to implement what you are learning into your local church context. You will also be given exclusive access to lectures delivered for AC by Hillsong College’s senior lecturers.

More to come

New and exciting units will be progressively released over the course of the year, so watch this space!

What qualifications can I get?

Students will work towards achieving the following awards

Bachelor of Theology

Master of Arts

Intro to the Bible

Core subject to BTh & MA

Understanding the Bible is foundational for the Christian life. Whilst many of us have read the Bible, there are many sections that are seemingly foreign and strange, or that we just plain avoid. This unit aims to introduce you to the Old and New Testaments, and its big-picture story. We will explore the historical and thematic developments of the Bible assisting you to understand how the different biblical books and messages all fit together. Further, we will discuss how the message of Scripture, which was set in a very different context to us, can be applied to today.

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Christian Worldview

Core subject to BTh & MA

Do you have questions about God that you have been unable to answer?  Do you sometimes wonder whether Christian beliefs about things like the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus make any sense?  This unit provides you with the opportunity to explore those beliefs that are foundational to Christianity.  It argues that what we believe about God (our theology) has a practical impact upon our life and ethics and, therefore, provides an overview of Christian faith, and reflects on the ways in which this faith informs our everyday life and calling. The topics addressed range from the doctrine of God, creation and sin, to discussion on the person and work of Christ, and the nature of the coming kingdom of God.

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History of Christianity

Core subject to BTh & MA

This subject is an introduction to the rich and inspiring heritage of Christian tradition, examined within social and cultural contexts.  It explores early church formation, the challenges of the medieval era, the repercussions of the renaissance and the reasons for the reformation.  Major revivals are analysed as well as the effectiveness of modern missionary movements.  The struggles and strengths of the 20th century are also revealed, as well as various issues facing the 21st-century church.  By exploring such historical shifts in spirituality and society, students will gain an understanding of both contingency and continuity in Christian history, in order to deepen their understanding of gospel ministry today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?
  • All BTh units are AU$1600.00 per 10cp Theology/Ministry subjects
  • AU$2100.00 per 10cp Theology/Ministry subjects
Who can enrol into Degree Online?

Please see the entry requirements below:

Bachelor of Theology (BTH)
Academic Entry Requirements
Completion of NSW Higher School Certificate with an ATAR of no less than 65, or the completion of the interstate or overseas equivalent qualification and result, or equivalent;

Completion of a Certificate IV or higher qualification awarded under the Australian Qualification Framework by an authorised institution or registered training organisation.

Professional Entry Requirements
Mature age entry (21 years and over) can apply for provisional entry. They will need to successfully complete their first 4 subjects to be permitted to continue without this restriction.

Master of Arts (MA)
Completion of a AQF Level 7 bachelor’s degree or completion of a AQF Level 8 or above postgraduate qualification (a completed postgraduate certificate with a credit average overall).

If you have studied at Hillsong College and have received either a Diploma of Ministry or Advanced Diploma of Ministry you will be eligible for credit transfer (see here).

What Qualification can I receive?

Bachelor of Theology (BTH) or Master of Arts (MA)

How many subjects will be offered each term?

Maximum 2 subjects for semester 1. Another two will be launched in July.

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