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Key information for you and your student.

Information for Parents

We at Hillsong College are honoured that your loved one would consider studying with us. Our intention is to raise each student to their fullest potential, equip them with cutting edge skills and knowledge, empower them to outwork their studies, and release them to lead lives of impact. Take a look below to have your most pressing questions answered about Hillsong College.


What courses do you offer?




  • Diploma of Christian Ministry
  • Diploma of Leadership
  • Associate Degree in Ministry
  • Bachelor of Ministry
  • Bachelor of Theology



  • Master of Arts
  • Master of Theology




  • Certificate IV of Christian Ministry
  • Diploma of Christian Ministry
  • Advanced Diploma of Christian Ministry




  • Certificate IV of Christian Ministry


  • Diploma of Christian Ministry
  • Diploma of Leadership
  • Associate Degree in Ministry
  • Bachelor of Ministry
  • Bachelor of Theology


  • Master of Arts
How diverse is the student body?

One of the greatest benefits of studying at Hillsong College is our international student body, helping students to form friendships and lasting connections across the globe. Even while studying at our USA Campus, students will be connected with our global staff and student body. Together, our alumni represent more than 100 nations.

Are credits acquired transferrable?

Our accredited vocational courses are designed to flow seamlessly into undergraduate and graduate programs at Hillsong College and with the universities that we partner with globally.
To learn more about our education pathways and partnerships, click here.

Are there additional costs for materials and books?

> Within our vocational program, the majority of course materials will be provided for in class, can be found at the campus library or can be accessed through our online learning portal. As a student progresses into degree courses they may be required to purchase text books dependent on the classes chosen.

What are the benefits of hiring Hillsong College graduates?

Our alumni can be found influencing nations, churches, families and industries across the globe. Hillsong College intends to raise students to their fullest potential, equip them with cutting-edge skills and knowledge, empower them to outwork their studies and release them to lead lives of impact. The hands-on experience that is embedded in our curriculum prepares students for a life of ministry within the church or any career pathway they choose to pursue. Through practical training, students learn leadership, key decision making, team management, problem solving, communication, pastoral leadership and creative skills that have proven to be integral across a number of industries.

Are your courses accredited?

Our vocational courses are accredited with Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA), the Australian Government agency charged with quality and regulation of the vocational education and training sector in Australia. Our online or on-campus undergraduate and postgraduate degrees are obtained and accredited through our partnership with Alphacrucis College located in Sydney Australia. Our online Masterclasses are not accredited; rather, they function as short classes to equip and empower you wherever you are.

Is there a GPA requirement for Vocational Education?

Hillsong College uses a grading system more suitable for a vocational learning environment which is not GPA-based but rather competency-based. Upon assessment of a specific assignment or involvement, students will receive either a ‘Not Yet Competent’ or a ‘Competent’ mark. A Not Yet Competent assessment doesn’t mean anyone has failed; it helps us understand where we still need to grow in order to be Competent in that specific area. Our training staff are committed to the student’s growth and all assessments will have the opportunity to be revised and resubmitted.

How can my student earn an Undergraduate or Postgraduate Degree at Hillsong College?

In addition to offering standalone Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs, there are various pathways and partnerships your student can pursue to earn their Undergraduate or Postgraduate degree

For full educational pathway details view our course guide HERE

Admissions Process

Click the preferred campus for your student below to learn more about the admissions process, course fees, and more.





Housing & Accomodation

Does Hillsong College have on-campus housing?

Our accommodation team sublets nearby apartments or houses to students who apply and are accepted into College housing. These are in ideal areas and distance could range from a short walk to a short drive to the College campus. At the current time, Hillsong College does not offer on-campus or dormitory style housing.

Will the apartments be furnished?

The apartments within College housing will come with basic appliances like a microwave, oven and stove-top. In addition, each student will be given a supportive bed frame and mattress. Any other furnishings will need to be purchased or rented based-on the desire living of the housed students.

Do students share rooms?

We intentionally and thoughtfully place all those in need of College housing in appropriate living situations; like-aged students will be housed together. Some students will be required to share a bedroom with another student and houses/apartments are assigned based on availability. If you have specific living needs, please let our Accomodation Team know while applying for housing.

Is a meal plan included in accomodation fees?

Each student will have a kitchen in their home or apartment to share with their housemates; this makes it easy for students to plan ahead and bring meals with them on their days of study. There are a range of cafes, restaurants and grocery stores in the surrounding suburb areas. Although there is no cafeteria on campus, there are plenty of spaces to relax, study and spend time with fellow students in breaks between classes.

How to apply for accomodation?

After you have submitted your application to Hillsong College, our Accomodation and Admissions Team will contact you shortly. They will inform you with critical information and send you a Hillsong College Housing Application directly to your email. Student housing is assigned based on availability, so be sure to submit your application as early as possible.

Is there a rental bond/deposit?

Hillsong College pays for the rental bond for each property that is leased. The bond is not charged to students. College therefore takes on the risk for damage & rent loss for the properties.

How much rent is due upon arrival?

You will have to pay up to two weeks rent upon arrival depending on our rent cycle. The rent cycles are on a fortnightly basis (two week) and run from Monday every second week.

We only accept payments by debit or credit card on the day you arrive. If you do not have a debit/credit card we suggest you set up a temporary travel card that works like a debit card. You can pre load funds onto the card.

Additionally, you will be invoiced quarterly for utility bills (gas, electricity, water) once we receive them from the utility company and depending on household usage.

Is owning a car necessary?

Dependent upon location of choice:
Sydney City Campus – Car not needed. Public transport is widely available by bus or train.
Sydney Hills Campus – More of a suburban area. Having a car would be ideal but is not needed for all student housing. The distance of housing from College campus may vary.

What is the estimated cost of living?

Weekly rent cost: $140-$190
Advised weekly budget: $350 for cost of living per week. – this includes food, utilities, transport and remaining bills.

Monthly rent cost: $700-900 per person.

Student Life

Are students able to work while studying?

It is common for students to work while they are enrolled into their studies. Prioritising class time, church involvement, and assessments will be critical to create a healthy school and work balance. Depending on location chosen, student visas do have work hour restrictions.

What is student community like?

Beyond the classroom, the gathering of the college community is one of the most unique aspects of college life. Outside of Chapels, there will be many opportunities to meet and make friends with others going through similar walks of life and experiences, including International communities and various connect groups held throughout the week

What is the student involvement in church like?

Each student is assigned to an area within Church where they will serve weekly. While serving within church students learn value of being a committed team member, are developed in team leadership ability and prepared for many forms organisational leadership and management.
Depending on distance, some students are able to serve within their local church while studying with Hillsong College

Is serving in church a course requirement?

Every student is required to serve in ministry alongside other students and staff on a weekly basis in two areas, making up a total of 8 serving hours per week. Your Practicum is your assessed ministry which counts as a part of your attendance, in which you will work closely alongside a team leader, usually across our weekend services. Your Mid-week ministry is where you serve during the week, in between or after classes.

Are students involved in conferences

Hillsong Church coordinates a number of conferences globally and nationally each year. Students get the privilege to partner with our global team to transform auditoriums, arenas and stadiums into unified gatherings of believers and those looking to find home.

Are there any midweek services?

Our Chapel Services are often the favourite time of the week for students. Stepping into an atmosphere thick with expectation and faith, our students get to worship and sit under the teaching of God with fellow students and training staff. Chapel is a vital time full of life and God’s presence where students come together each week, have praise and worship led by the students, prayer and praise reports, and a message from Hillsong staff, guest speakers or students. In Chapel you will be encouraged, challenged, and given the opportunity to lead others into the presence of God. Chapel attendance is compulsory.

On Thursday mornings, students can serve and attend at Sisterhood and Hillsong Men. Sisterhood flows directly from Pastor Bobbie Houston’s heart and ministers value and belonging to hundreds of women every week. Hillsong Men is a vibrant and growing ministry that meets men right where they are at, teaching the Word and having fun along the way.

On Thursday night the Hillsong creative team has their weekly creative team night services where all worship and creative students are invited to get to know the team, and enhance their craft in a bible based way, alongside industry professionals.