Applying for Postgraduate Study

8. Responding to your HC offer


If you have received an online Conditional Offer of Place, congratulations! Your application for postgraduate study at HC was successful. You can respond to your offer in a few ways.

Outright Response

– Accept: You accept the offer and wish to move forward with admissions

– Decline: You decline the offer and no longer wish to study at HC

– Defer: You wish to study, but due to unforeseen circumstances cannot study at this time

Didn’t get an offer to study at HC?

Don’t worry. There might be a range of reasons why you have not received your offer yet. These reasons can range from entry requirements not being met, unpaid application fees or information may have been inputed incorrectly. 

Contact HC Admissions at or +61 2 8853 5200.

If you are unsure about anything – or if you need more information to help you with your decision, please contact us. Our team is standing by on live chat, or you can email us at

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