Production Stream

The Production Stream is designed to equip students with a heart for production with skills in the Audio Production field.  Students will be equipped to function in a professional capacity with the ability to bring your skills both in the Industry and in your local church.

Our learning takes place in a practical skill based worship environment where you will be equipped and trained in the areas of Audio SystemsInput SourcesLive Audio and Stage Monitoring by professionals in the Audio industry.

Along with the workshop environment, you will have the opportunity to learn alongside our Church Production team during weekend services and other major projects, thus allowing you to apply your skills almost immediately.

The Production Stream course is formatted to include:

  • Tutorials: in smaller groups, where the knowledge of specific production skills is unpacked;
  • Workshops: larger groups where practical/skill-based learning takes place, including but not limited to – operation of equipment; gain before feedback; microphone placement; set-up & pack down as well as live workshops.

Certificate IV - Core Subjects

If you’re going to serve Jesus, there are some things you just have to know. Core Subjects are done by all students and build a foundation of the bible, personal doctrine leadership and ministry teamwork that can be applied in a wide range of life and ministry settings.

New Testament Introduction The books, themes and events of the New Testament in their cultural and historical context are introduced along with their application and relevance today.

Old Testament Introduction The books, themes and events of the Old Testament in their cultural and historical context are introduced along with their application and relevance today.

Christian Doctrine This subject identifies and explores a number of the major doctrines of the Bible, with the goal of building a solid foundation of truth for Christian life and ministry.

Spirit-Filled Living The person and work of the Holy Spirit is introduced including an investigation of the baptism in the Spirit, spiritual gifts and ministering in the power of the Holy Spirit.

Personal Leadership This subject introduces principles of spiritual leadership and is designed to assist the student in building godly character into their life as a Christian leader, both spiritually and practically. It covers critical issues including, integrity, core values, healthy living, relationships and finance.

Personal Evangelism This subject is customised to equip students with the skills and understanding to effectively share the Gospel in a wide range of settings, from a personal relationship to the public sphere.

Teamwork This subject trains the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to work successfully in a team setting.

Communication in Ministry This subject trains the student with the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to successfully communicate in ministry settings.

Church and Ministry A wide range of aspects of church ministry and culture are introduced from a biblical basis including how we make church relevant today.

Certificate IV - Stream Subjects

The Production stream’s subjects will equip you to function at a professional level with the ability to use your skills in both your local church and the broader production industry. Introduction to Production in Ministry This subject introduces students into production as a ministry in the local church. It explores the role of the production team within the creative ministry and expression of the church. It seeks to cultivate a ministry philosophy that harnesses the power and possibilities of all dimensions of production, bringing them into the service of the gospel and the life-changing mission of the church. Audio Systems During the audio systems subject students will be trained in industry standards for operating a variety of equipment & translating this into the live environment. Digital consoles include PM1D, M7CL, Avid Profile, LS-9, & analogue Soundcraft MH4. Students will also become familiar with the bump in/out procedures, participation in technical rehearsals, workplace safety standards & procedures, 2-way communication systems and various production roles within church services. Learning to interpret this knowledge & skills to the audio production requirements will ultimately lead to the ability of competency in operating audio equipment during a live event. Input Sources This subject delivers the skills and knowledge required to select & manage appropriate microphones & input sources for each given situation as well as the understanding of the signals these devices will create. We will go beyond the general knowledge and use of microphones and delve into what it takes to create and implement complex microphone plots. In addition to these we will look at alternate input sources available, such as DI’s and replay equipment, how to create a concise & clear input patch list and follow this through to successful connection. Mix Live Audio This subject delivers the skills and knowledge required to move from operating a console to mixing audio for a live performance. Skills in mixing audio are developed over an extended period of time & the opportunity to gain this experience of putting what you learn in class time into practice is required & made mandatory by logging practise hours in a real environment. These opportunities will be made available through college life with opportunities through our youth services, college chapels, extension church services and even additional creative college workshops. Stage Monitoring This subject equips students with the skills and knowledge required to establish stage requirements for a range of venues and events whilst fulfilling technical requirements and satisfying the final delivery platforms. Students will learn how to set up and operate a stage foldback system as a dedicated console or via a FOH send. Stage equipment and specific issues are explored to lay a foundation for the management of engineering a monitor’s mix and the problems that can arise within the stage foldback environment.