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Course Descriptions

Breakdown of Courses Offered

The Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses are competency-based and aim to provide foundational knowledge as well as training in practical skills. All courses are made up of core and stream subjects. Core subjects are required for all students.

Students may elect to study one of the following streams:

  • Pastoral Leadership
  • Worship Music
  • TV & Media
  • Dance
  • Production

The Certificate IV in Ministry is the entry requirement for the Diploma of Ministry. Similarly the Diploma of Ministry is the entry requirement for the Advanced Diploma of Ministry. To complete each qualification will take 1 year of studies (two semesters full-time). Thus, to receive the Diploma of Ministry will take 2 years of study (1 year to complete the Certificate in Ministry and gain entry to the Diploma of Ministry, and then a second year to complete the Diploma of Ministry). Similarly, it will take 3 years of study to receive the Advanced Diploma of Ministry.

The following tables can be used as a checklist to ensure that students complete all subjects to fulfil the requirements of their award.

All ministry courses are now nationally accredited with the Australian Government through ASQA Australian Skills Quality Authority.