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Do I need to apply to Hillsong College and DBU?

Yes. You will need to start by submitting your Hillsong College USA application and tick the “co-enrollment” option when selecting your course. Once your application is finalized and processed, our team will send your details to the admissions counsellor at Dallas Baptist University. You will then be advised to complete your application to DBU and all financial aid paperwork if needed. If you meet all necessary requirements for both institutes, you can move forward into dual enrollment.

Your application fee when applying to DBU will be waived when applying for co-enrollment.

What degree can I obtain through the CEP (Concurrent Enrolment Program)?

Credits earned through our CEP can be applied within any degree program at DBU. Please note that if you decide to pursue a degree outside of Biblical, Ministry or Theological degrees offered, you may need take additional courses to meet the your degree requirements.

Are scholarships available with DBU?

Yes. Students who choose our dual enrollment program will be granted a 30% tuition scholarship for their studies through DBU.

There are additional financial aid and scholarship options available. You can learn more about this through your admissions advisor at DBU.

How many subjects can I be enrolled in at one time?

We are encouraging that students take two subjects at a time in addition to their Hillsong College studies. Students can choose up to four subjects provided through DBU each semester, but we believe two subjects would be a healthy study balance.

If students partake in two DBU subjects a semester in addition to their Hillsong College studies, after 3 years of co-enrollment they will only need to complete one more semester at DBU to obtain their bachelor’s degree.
Thus, they would graduate with their Advanced Diploma in Ministry and bachelor’s degree within 3.5 years.

Can students from any Hillsong College Campus co-enroll?

No. Only Hillsong College USA students are eligible for co-enrollment.

Can students transfer directly to DBU if they wish to complete their degree through them?

Yes. 78 semester hours of Hillsong College transfer will be accepted from Diploma and Advanced Diploma studies at Hillsong College.

Are Hillsong College credits transferrable to any bachelor’s degree program at DBU?

Yes. Please see the DBU website for more details around degree programs available.

Are classes delivered online and in person?

Yes. There will be online and in person study options available. Not all subjects will be available in person, but details of such will be available before selecting your semester subjects

What subjects can I study at DBU while enrolled at Hillsong College?

More details around subjects available will be coming soon. We will be informing all Hillsong College USA future students with that information as it is released.

Will I have access to financial and academic advisors to assist me in making the best educational choice?

Yes. You will have access to financial and academic advisors through DBU to help you select the classes and choose financial pathways that will aid you most in your education journey.

How Do I Get Started?

1. Express Your Interest

Submit an expression of interest to learn more information and get in touch with our team.

2. Start Your Application

When you apply to Hillsong College, ensure that you tick “DBU Co-Enrollment” when selecting your study option.

3. Book A Call With An HC Rep

Schedule a call with our Future Students Team to discuss your remaining question, study options and next steps.