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Life in Phoenix

Enjoy all that Phoenix has to offer while studying!

Learn more of what you can expect for your season in Phoenix

Climate & Seasons

The Phoenix climate compliments its beautiful scenery with warm temperatures and consistently sunny weather nearly year-round. With quite low humidity, there are times when you’ll need a sweater or jacket for an early morning or late evening in the winter months. But overall, dressing light and cool will keep you comfortable even in the dry, hot summer season.

Fall | September – November

Fall in Phoenix gives way for outdoor activities and evenings on the town to carry on even past Summer. Warmer daytime temperatures are frequent but the nights will begin to cool down.

Average High: 75°F – 99°F (24°C /37°C)

Average Low: 50°F – 75°F (10°C /24°C)

Winter | December – February

Winter in the southwest isn’t a winter wonderland (which means there’s no snow boots needed) but you’ll want to keep a warmer jacket nearby for the chilly mornings and nights. The sun will certainly be shining in an open blue sky throughout the winter months in Phoenix.

Average High: 67°F – 71°F (19°C /22°C)

Average Low: 44°F – 48°F (7°C /9°C)

Spring | March – May

Arizona is known for its desert landscapes but you’ll watch it come to life in the springtime. Blooming cacti and wildflowers will litter the wide-open spaces while the temperatures begin to rise to short-sleeve weather any time of the day.

Average High: 76°F – 94°F (24°C /34°C)

Average Low: 52°F – 67°F (11°C /19°C)

Summer | June – August

Summer in Phoenix is hot and the sun will ensure you keep your sunglasses close. While it is a dry heat, you’ll want to dress light to stay cool and keep water on-hand to stay hydrated. The nights will cool slightly… after you’ve taken a dip in the pool after class and work.

Average High: 104°F – 106°F (40°C /41°C)

Average Low: 76°F – 81°F (24°C /27°C)


Driving & Transportation

Will I need a car while living in Phoenix?

The college campus is located right on the grounds of our Mesa Campus – minutes from the downtown Mesa strip and a 15-30 minute drive to downtown Phoenix. The easy-to-learn, gridded streets and convenient highway system will get you where you need to go quickly.

If you are considering College Housing, you may be a 15-minute drive to the campus. Owning a vehicle of your own or living with someone you can ride with will make travelling to and from the college campus more convenient.

The average gas prices in Phoenix currently range from $3.00 to $3.30 per gallon.

What other transportation is available to me?

Firstly, as you develop community within College and church, catching a ride with fellow classmates could be an option. Always consider and recognize the generosity of riding with those you live and study with by returning the favor and pitching in for gas!

Catching the Metro Rail or bus service to many surrounding suburbs or into downtown Phoenix is convenient. Using this transportation is reasonably priced for single-fare rides or weekly and monthly passes. You’ll be able to get transit directions online and using Google or Apple Maps on your smartphone. For more information on public transportation, visit the Valley Metro website here.

Renting a scooter for a quick trip down the road or around town is fairly common in Phoenix. Many of the rental services use smartphone apps for payment at the nearest pick-up or drop-off point. Find out more about Lime here.

Lifestyle & Recreation

The main campus of Hillsong Phoenix and home to Hillsong College USA is found in Mesa, Arizona. Mesa and it’s downtown strip offer a number of restaurants, small shops, and museums. Hillsong Phoenix’s Downtown Campus is located in the heart of the city featuring professional sports games, local restaurants, concerts, and shopping. The Scottsdale campus is located near many great attractions, restaurants, and shopping malls. Phoenix is surrounded by great outdoor hikes and national parks.

> Discover more local attractions in Phoenix here.

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