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Colour Twenty-18

Can an invitation, a cause or a mandate ever grow old? Can they grow weary with the passage of time, or lose wonder with the challenge of familiarity? I certainly hope not, because the greatest tragedy against the feminine soul and the beauty of womanhood is to diminish value, worth or interest in her wellbeing… whilst the “greatest joy” is to help her know her true origin, true north and true purpose.

Our prayer… is that we shall continue to be a global sisterhood who champion our sisters in all their beauty and brilliance. Our prayer… is that every daughter, regardless of what life may have dealt her, will know that she is believed in and that her story and place within society matters. Our prayer… is that as we set bold sail in our own convictions and calling, we shall continue to bless the world we inhabit with unshakeable faith and hope.

The twenty-18 COLOUR EXPERIENCE heads into the future with these convictions in mind. Proverbs Thirty-One paints the image of a striking and influential woman, and likens her to the trading ships of ancient days that would sail to faraway places and bring back divine supplies. For me the metaphor speaks of an enriched and awakened life in Christ… a life that brings wisdom and goodness into the everyday rooms of our everyday life.

Love always, Bobbie.
Host and Founder of Colour Conference & The Colour Sisterhood


Conference 1: 11-12 April

Conference 2: 13-14 April

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