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Hillsong Sisterhood Amsterdam’s Story

Hillsong Sisterhood Amsterdam’s Story

30 July 2015

Hi Colour Sisterhood,

One of our Sisterhood connect groups organized a fashion sale to raise money for the ‘Happy Little Bottoms’ project of Watoto. We transformed one of our homes into a pop-up shop by turning the dining table into a display area, putting up clothing rails and hanging washing lines through the entire living room. Girls could either bring fashionable items to donate or pay a €5 entrance fee and just enjoy the shopping. All items were priced low (between 2 and 6 euro’s) so that it would also bless the girls who came with a new wardrobe for very little money. As it was a hot day, girls could take a rest from all the shopping on the roof terrace while enjoying a cool drink and a selection home-baked cakes with lots of frosting. A nice playlist added to the atmosphere. We had about 50 girls who came shopping. Girls also brought their non-Christian friends along who also loved the event and even made donations. There was a very encouraging atmosphere where girls were complementing each other on their new looks and finding nice items for their friends. Lots of laughter from the dressing room. It was a fun day!  We raised 680 euro’s for Watoto which was also above expectation. And of course the next day, on Sunday, everyone got to show off their new purchases in church!


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