#HairlessSmiley: Olya's Story

#HairlessSmiley is the fruit of Colour Conference and the BeTheChange book with 500 ideas on how to create positive change! Years ago, Olya was inspired by the idea of how simple it is to create change and how little actions can have a ripple effect.

On her birthday last year Olya decided to start a little project and called it #HairlessSmiley. The idea was initially to collect beanies for kids with cancer. She then thought, why not believe to be able to make between 150-200 cancer care kits.

People from all over Russia supported the initiative by sending in beanies, socks, books, toys, shampoos, wraps, tea, cups, and more. Many people who themselves were suffering from cancer supported the effort.

They made the first 124 Cancer Care Kits and gifted them to children at one of the hospitals in Moscow.

“This is only the beginning!” Olya says, “We will continue to help kids to smile in the hardest situations. Thank you so much to Ps Bobbie and Colour Sisterhood for the inspiration.”

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