Do you remember the moment you awakened and felt the weight soften and lift? Do you remember the mystery and questions fading as truth drew near and “the new” found its home in you?


Salvation is no small thing, nor is this current chapter in modern history, where women are seeking vehemently to find their voice, their stance and their value. Salvation is where the past and all that is broken and lost is replaced with all that is new and wondrous. It’s the beginning of life eternal, where promise and favour points us in the direction of heaven. It’s where the colours begin, and Eden is restored.

The 2019 COLOUR Conference, hosted in Sydney, Los Angeles, New York, Cape Town, London and Kiev will be stunning. Wrapped in the language of “Be Found in the New – the colours, wonder and favour”, consider this invitation both personal and to your friends, because when it comes to making this world a better place we are better and stronger together.

The language of “experience the room” is often used in the invitation because there is something tangible and felt as women gather from far and wide, under one roof, and become a living, breathing and dynamic canvas of age, diversity, culture, passion and unity.

Across the breadth of eight conferences I have invited long-time friends and international guests JOHN GRAY, LISA HARPER, CHRISTINE CAINE AND DAWNCHERE WILKERSON because they can light up a room in a unique and gorgeous way. And as always, our own much loved and dynamic HILLSONG WORSHIP, LEADERSHIP AND TEACHING TEAMS from around the world will bring their finest to the table.

If you are new or unfamiliar to Colour (and the ripple effect that has become a modern-day women’s movement around the world), a glimpse of that 23 year history is captured here on; where the stories, the impact and the influence of everyday women and girls, will inspire you towards greatness, purpose and change.

The Sisterhood believes in you, as does a good, good Heavenly father. His heart toward you is laced with love, generosity, kindness and possibilities beyond your wildest imagination. I know he waits in our future with yet another exciting later in our collective story. So, to that end our prayers surround you and we look forward to being together soon.


With love and affection,

Bobbie Houston

Host and Founder of Colour Conference


CONF ONE: 24-25 APRIL 2019
CONF TWO: 26-27 APRIL 2019


Christine Caine

Christine Caine

Lisa Harper

Lisa Harper


Bobbie & Brian Houston

Bobbie & Brian Houston

Global Senior Pastors Hillsong Church

Phil & Lucinda Dooley

Phil & Lucinda Dooley

Lead Pastors Hillsong Church South Africa

The Best of The Hillsong Worship Teams

The Best of The Hillsong Worship Teams



All your colour questions answered ;)

I am new to Colour- where do I meet friends?
That is the best news yet! You can visit our welcome area where we would love to meet you! Our friendly hosts will welcome you and guide you to the meeting area!


What time do I have to be there?

If you come on Wednesday evening or Friday evening, make sure you get there early to allow plenty of time for parking and signing in. Registrations open at 3pm & Doors open at 5pm. You can also view our full program online.


Can I go to Colour alone?
YES, Absolutely! We’ve got an amazing welcome area for you where you can meet new girlfriends! Better, why don’t you email us and let us know that you are coming! We would love to make sure you meet up with a familiar face!


What is the difference between Colour 1 and 2?

Absolutely nothing! They are both incredible!

Although Colour Conference 1 gets you to have the FIRST look at every beautiful aspect of Colour 2019 and a sneak peek of Colour Conference happening in 2020! But whatever conference you will be at, we can know that that every bit of detail goes into both!


Can I swop my ticket? 

We do have a swop zone for tickets at Colour in the Market Hall with registrations, BUT this is not guaranteed! We have seen over the past years that it absolutely doesn’t matter where you sit because God’s presence is everywhere and you will receive your breakthrough no matter what seat you are in 🙂


I know a lady that lives in the community and comes to church with the bus. Is there any way of accommodating her?

Absolutely! We want every single girl to experience Colour no matter what the circumstances are! We have a Colour Communities area that our Hillsong Africa Foundation and Pastoral Care team oversee. Whyd on’t you send us an email on or HAF EMAIL? and we will get back to you as soon as possible!


I have a baby under 1years. Can I still come?

Of course, you can! We’ve got an amazing parents room that allows you to still be part of the Colour experience! You get to worship with your little one and hear all the amazing messages of the conference. The Arena is also pram accessible so you can take your bub with you to the market hall.


Will there be a Colour Kids Program for my little one?

Yes, we have a great kids program for all kids ages 2-13 years old. You can register them online.


I’m living my best life at 65- Do you have any options for the elderly?

Yes, of course, we have an amazing TLC team that will give you a little extra tender love and care! They will allocate a specific area for you on the floor that is easily accessible and cares for you in the best way possible! Email us on so that we can help you have the BEST Colour experience possible!


How do I get around if I have an injury?

We have an amazing TLC team that can help you get around and find great seating in the arena if you cannot freely move around! You can email us on .


Will there be an expo area?

Yes, we will have an expo area in the Market Hall filled with various Colour exhibitors and beautiful Colour Merch. We’ve got even more varieties of food and drinks this year with loads of seating available.

Wat is the pamper area? Is it for free?

Pamper is a place where you get to sit back and relax, while we pamper you and paint your nails. We also have a section where you can get a nice massage and take a little break from the day-to-day work and worries of the week! What a bonus 😉

Can anyone volunteer?

YES, you can! Whether you are MALE of FEMALE we would love for you to join us in serving the ladies at Colour! You can sign up online on our website or by clicking on the volunteer link below.


Do I have to bring anything with?

It’s always FUN to plan your Colour outfit and dress up, but also make sure you dress in comfy clothes and shoes so that you can enjoy the whole experience of Colour while walking through the Market Hall and Food Court! Bring along a warm jacket for the evenings as it can get chilly inside.


Unfortunately, no food is allowed to be brought inside Grand West Arena, but we do have amazing food options for you to choose from! There will also be card facilities available on the day.



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