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Hillsong Africa Foundation

South Africa

Equipping and empowering women and girls with increased understanding of their value and purpose through group-based personal development courses.


Hillsong Africa Foundation works within communities facing various challenges and where rape, domestic violence, gender inequality, family breakdown, and unemployment are prevalent.

In these contexts, identity, self-esteem and sense of purpose and potential can be strongly affected.

An understanding of value and purpose is foundational to empowering a generation to move forward and build stronger families, communities and the nation.


Shine is a unique personal development and group mentoring course designed to equip and empower women and girls from all walks of life with increased understanding of their value and purpose.

Shine courses are facilitated for groups of women and girls in schools, community centres, prisons, hospitals, rehabilitation centres, universities, churches and women's refuges and shelters. Over 2,500 women and girls participated in Shine in 2018 and demand for the course is high.

The courses are facilitated within communities where Hillsong Africa Foundation also runs a range of other projects, providing opportunities for additional support and community-building.

Angie’s STORY

Angie works for the police in a tough area of Cape Town. Through Colour she learned about Shine and is now partnering with Hillsong Africa Foundation to help young women in schools access the life-changing message of value, strength and purpose.


Pray for women and girls to have deepening revelation of their value and purpose.
Pray for barriers to women’s empowerment to be overcome.
Pray for healthy relationships and families across Cape Town, South Africa, and beyond.

The Colour Sisterhood Fight Club prays together for needs across our world.
Join us. Set your alarm #MiddayBabyMidday


Every contribution to a Colour Sisterhood project helps to provide tangible response and bring about positive change for children, sisters, and nations.


The heart of the Colour Sisterhood is that every woman can find a level of partnership and a way to contribute to making the world a better place, locally and globally, whether as an individual or as a group.


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Something to NOTE:
If you are part of a local church, please be mindful of your local church’s vision and be sure to graciously submit and share your heart with those in leadership in your life. We believe these Sisterhood projects should be seen as an ‘above and beyond’ endeavour that has the capacity to reach out and build bridges into our unchurched communities and ultimately be a blessing.

Also, please note that if the funding limit for your chosen project is reached, funds will be distributed to another Sisterhood project.


The Hillsong Africa Foundation seeks to build the resilience and capacity of individuals and families in marginalised communities. With a focus on identity, relationship, and leadership, programs are tailored in partnership with a local community and include after school programs, an early childhood education and parenting course, personal development courses, literacy development in schools, and programs to increase family-based care options for orphans and vulnerable children.