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Be found in her security

World Vision

East Africa

Responding to the complex hunger crisis driven by drought, conflict and instability across Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda, where families are in need of life-saving assistance.


Across East Africa, conflict is forcing families to flee their homes and leaving them dependent upon humanitarian aid for survival. New and recurring disasters – including political instability, conflict, depleted harvests, and disease – are disrupting communities, displacing people from their homes, and creating huge humanitarian challenges.

In conflict-affected areas, food relief has become people’s main source of food but there isn’t enough to meet the need. COVID-19 has created additional challenges for food distribution in the region. An estimated 28 million people, including 17.5 million children, need urgent help. Malnutrition is becoming a public health emergency.

In South Sudan, as a result of ongoing sporadic violence, over half of the country’s population are food insecure. 4.1 million people have been displaced from their homes. An estimated 220,000 children are suffering from severe acute malnutrition.


Support is urgently needed to scale up World Vision’s humanitarian response in the region and to make sure life-saving aid can reach children and families in need. The underlying causes of food insecurity may be different across each country in the region but the common issue is food insecurity, which will worsen without a significant increase in support and response.

World Vision community development projects throughout East Africa and beyond focus on a range of areas including food and nutrition, clean water and sanitation, healthcare, education, child protection and livelihoods support.

One example is income-generating activities in refugee settlements in Uganda, enabling vulnerable families without a way to earn income to become self-reliant and support their families.

$50 could deliver clean water to families

$90 could provide nutrition supplements for malnourished children

$150 could provide food assistance to families

Luka's STORY

Makaleta Luka is a mother of five who has been working with World Vision to implement new farming practices and she is reaping a harvest!.


Pray for those fleeing violence and facing hunger and food insecurity.

Pray for organisations seeking to reach those most in need.

Pray for an end to conflict and displacement of families from their homes.

The Colour Sisterhood Fight Club prays together for needs across our world.

Join us. Set your alarm #MiddayBabyMidday


Every contribution to a Colour Sisterhood project helps to provide tangible response and bring about positive change for children, sisters, and nations.


The heart of the Colour Sisterhood is that every woman can find a level of partnership and a way to contribute to making the world a better place, locally and globally, whether as an individual or as a group.


Learn about challenges facing CHILDREN. SISTERS. NATIONS. What are you passionate about? What opportunities are there to #bethechange? | Read More


Take action! #chooseempathy Be inspired by what others have done | Read More


Join the movement. Spread the word. #iamsisterhood | Read More

Something to NOTE:
If you are part of a local church, please be mindful of your local church’s vision and be sure to graciously submit and share your heart with those in leadership in your life. We believe these Sisterhood projects should be seen as an ‘above and beyond’ endeavour that has the capacity to reach out and build bridges into our unchurched communities and ultimately be a blessing.

Also, please note that if the funding limit for your chosen project is reached, funds will be distributed to another Sisterhood project.


World Vision Australia is a Christian organisation that works with children, families and communities to eliminate poverty and injustice through development, relief, and advocacy work. World Vision is community-led, child-focused, and faith-based and is part of a global humanitarian organisation that provides shot and long-term assistance to more than 100 million people worldwide.