Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still register for Colour conference 2020?

Yes, we still have availability for you via

We accept new registrations until the conference reaches capacity.

Do you offer discounts on registrations?

If you are over 65 years old or a solo parent of a child under 18 years old, we are able to offer a discount on your registration.

To access the discount, please enter CYW20-CONCESSION in the grey box access code box and apply code. Once the code has been applied, a concession ticket type will appear and you will be able to purchase ticket.

Alternatively, you can call our office at 02073849200 and we can assist you.

How do I ensure that I’m sitting with my family/friends/group?

Multiple tickets purchased within the same order will be seated together and no further action needs to be taken.

If you would like to start a group and invite others and have already purchased a ticket

1. Locate your registration email and select the link “click here to view or edit attendee information”
2. Select the blue “mange” button and click on “start a group”
3. Pick a fun group name and fill in the group information.
4. Once this has been saved, you will receive an email with a group link, which you will be able to send to anyone you would like to sit with.

If you would like to start a group and purchase a ticket at the same time

1. On our website found via
2. Select Register and a new page will appear
3. Select the greyed box below

4. Once you have completed your information, you will receive the confirmation of your attendance to Colour and a separate group

If you have been given a group name and passcode

1. Locate your registration email and select the link “click here to view or edit attendee information”
2. Select the blue “mange” button and click on “join a group”
3. Input group name and Password and save
4. Once this has been done your group leader will receive confirmation that you have joined the group.

Can my child(ren) come to Colour?

Yes, children are always welcome. If you have baby up to 12 months, not only will they will able to join you in the arena. We also have a parenting suite available for feeding, changing and settling.

For children 1 – 10 years old, our Kidsong programme runs concurrent to the adult programme.
Kidsong is full of games, music and FUN! It’s the place to be if you’re a kid! An experience designed just for kids that will engage them as they learn all about Jesus with unforgettable moments that can change their life forever. Kidsong allows you to drop off your child(ren) before session is due to start and collect them once session ends

To register your children for Kidsong please go to the following website where different registration options are available.

Colour London 2020 – Be Found in the Irresistible

What age can my child(ren) sit in the arena with me?

Children 11 years + are able to attend the main conference and should register using a Miss Sisterhood ticket.

How do I get to The SSE Arena?

Address: : Arena Square, Engineers Way, London HA9 OAA

The SSE Arena is located in Wembley, Visit the Transport for London Website, to plan your journey The closest tube station, Wembley Park, is a 10-minute walk. It’s in Zone 4 and is on the Metropolitan or Jubilee Lines. Alternatively, you could travel to nearby Wembley Central, it’s a 15-minute walk. This is also in Zone 4 and can be reached via the Bakerloo Line or London Overground lines.

What are the parking options for SSE Wembley?

Parking facilities are within walking distance to Wembley Arena. A parking place can be reserved directly with Wembley Parking on 0845 4750 101 or

Can I receive help for mobility/special assistance requirements?

Yes, when registering your ticket, please tick yes on the question that asks “Do you have any mobility/special assistance requirements that we should be aware of?” This will then give you further options where you can select wheelchair bay access, reduced mobility or complete the details in the other box if you have other special assistance requirements. A member of our Reduced Mobility Team will then be in touch to discuss your requirements and any seating or entrance provisions needed.

If you have already registered your ticket and need to add a mobility or special assistance request on to it, please call our team on 0207 384 9200 or email with your order number and request.

How do I update my details?

You can update your personal details through the link provided in the email when you registered. If you are unable to locate the original email, please phone us on 0207 384 9200 or email with your order number and information you would like changed.

Changes made to address’s after 1st March 2020, may result in the pass having to be collected from the Colour Box-office on the first day of conference.

I haven’t received my pass?

Passes are sent via mail to delegates located within the UK and EU a few weeks before conference starts. For delegates outside of the EU and UK and for others who have not received passes in the mail you will be able to collect your pass from the Colour box-office on the first day of conference. This area will be open from 12pm until the start of the first session on April 30th 2020.

Can I transfer my registration to another person?

Yes, up until the 1st March 2020 you will be able to transfer your registration to another person online. To transfer a registration to another person, you can log in to your existing Brushfire account using the email address you used to register and, using the edit function, change your details for theirs. PLEASE NOTE you will need their correct email and postal address when you do this to ensure that they receive all relevant communications from the Conference office.

To transfer your registration to a person after the 1st March 2020 you may give your delegate pass (once received) to another person and they will have to attend the conference under your name in the same elective as you had chosen.
Please write a letter to the person you are giving your pass to saying that you have given them permission to attend the conference in your place. The reason for this is that if they lose or misplace their pass and need a replacement, they will need to have proof that the registration actually belongs to them and not you.


Kidsong is a programme run for children ages 1 yrs (walking) – 11yrs to allow parents to be able to attend conference. Kidsong provides a fun and engaging time with elements of games, worship, stories and preaching. It’s an experience designed for kids to learn all about Jesus and a great place to be if you’re a kid!

The Kidsong programme runs concurrent to the adult conference in the arena and you will need meet with your children during break and lunchtimes.

We have Kid Team volunteers from all over Europe who are able to help with translations for children whose first language is not English.

The Kids Team volunteers are all DBS checked and trained by Hillsong UK and Hillsong Europe.

Bringing your baby?

We have a lovely family room with a live link of the conference and everything you need to car for your little one – including a carpet play space, nappy changing facilities, microwaves and high chairs. You can use this room as often as you need, but you will also have easy straight access into the arena so you can still be in the room!

A parenting suite for Colour will be available for all Mums with babies up to 12 months. Easy access seating will also be available for you and one friend so that you can enjoy the service and pop out if your little one requires your attention.

Please note that you don’t need an additional pass to access the Parenting Rooms.

Miss Sisterhood

Discounted tickets are available for all girls aged 11-18 years, so if that’s you, or if you have a teenage daughter, you can sign up as a Miss Sisterhood delegate.