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500 Reimagined

The Colour Sisterhood, at its heart is about providing the tools and support required for everyday women to be the change in their community and world.

Over the years we have done this in many different formats from large scale fundraising events to tea parties and walks to raise awareness. One of the most successful campaigns that we have done over the years is to break the problem down into achievable targets, by asking women to simply fundraising $500/500pounds/500euro etc towards a cause that they believe in.

In a global pandemic we didn’t want to neglect our mandate to provide our global sisterhood with ideas and inspiration to be the change whether that is in your local community or by addressing some key issues of famine or human trafficking around the world.


With this in mind we are reimagining our 500 PROJECT. We are asking you to make a commitment to a need, either locally or internationally, and decide the best way to achieve that along the theme of our 500 PROJECT. We have had some fun with the examples below but the main aim is to make sure that we are still putting our commitment to being the change front and centre in our mandate as a Sisterhood.

SO if you don’t know what the needs are, feel free to peruse our pages on the core issues we focus on as a Sisterhood and choose one that resonates with you. This is what we call REFLECT. Then choose a RESPONSE and then perhaps RALLY some girls to come alongside you and contribute to the project you desire to be a part of!

If you don’t know what to do, you can choose to support one of our main partners with projects that have been chosen and vetted by our team to ensure that they are well run and effective in their work.


If human trafficking is an issue you are passionate about:

  • Collect 500 signatures on a petition that is working to eliminate human trafficking from a business or supply chain OR
  • Raise 500 dollars/euro/pounds/RAND etc towards a local human trafficking support organisation or support our partner A21 — donate now. OR
  • Support a local refuge in your area with a practical need (500 bottles of shampoo for residents or bars of soap etc)


If Domestic Violence is the issue you are passionate about:

  • Raise 500 dollars/euro/pounds/RAND etc towards a local domestic violence shelter OR
  • Support a local refuge in your area with a practical need (gather or donate 500 bottles of shampoo for residents or bars of soap etc/ 500 nappies for women coming in with babies, the list is endless!) OR
  • Gather 500 petitions for a campaign to support domestic violence support services OR
  • Volunteer 500 hours at a DV support counselling line if you have skills in that area


If you are concerned about food insecurity which has been heightened by the pandemic:

  • Raise 500 dollars/euro/pounds/RAND etc towards our partnership with World Vision to prevent famine in East Africa which is a very real threat this year — donate now. OR
  • Gather your friends and family and collect 500 non-perishable goods for your local food bank OR
  • Volunteer 500 hours with your friends at a local food CO-OP or community kitchen OR
  • Work with your church to provide 500 meals to people struggling with food insecurity in your community this year


If you are passionate about supporting children:

  • Collect and donate 500 books to a local library or public school struggling with funding OR
  • Sponsor a child through Compassion for approx $500 over a year OR
  • Collect and donate 500 stationery packs for low income schools OR
  • Gather your friends and volunteer 500 hours at a local children’s charity providing mentoring support OR
  • Provide 500 knitted blankets to your underfunded local children’s hospital for mums to take home with their babies OR
  • Work with your friends to make 500 meals for foster families in your community across the year

The ideas and lists are endless… So have fun! Be creative!

Make a decision to look beyond yourself this year and make a real difference to your community or to the world! They need us as a Sisterhood more than ever! Together let’s truly be the change!

AND don’t forget to tag us with your stories so we can inspire others to be the change in their communities and world!

Catherine Thambiratnam and the Colour Sisterhood Team