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Welcome to the Colour Sisterhood Book Club! This book club is for everyone – from those who pick up a book twice a year on holidays to those who always have a book in hand.

Many of us are blessed to live in countries with easy access to literature and education. It’s so easy to take for granted the abundance of incredible books available to us. The heart behind the Colour Sisterhood Book Club is to highlight a handful of these books, one each month. Maybe this will be the only book you read this year or maybe it will just be one to put on the list! Whatever the case, lets take the opportunity to learn together.

But as always this can’t just be about us. The Colour Sisterhood at its core is about everyday women making a difference in the world. So we want to put a challenge out to you… whether you prefer to read on your own or gather your girlfriends, as we learn and grow together let’s help others do the same. You’ll find below some suggestions on how you can be the change in your local and global community.



Stay The Path by Bobbie Houston

This month we’ll be diving into the pages of Stay The Path by our very own Bobbie Houston. In this book, Ps Bobbie lays out with simplicity and warmth some of the markers of wisdom and experience that have shaped her life as a woman in leadership. Stay The Path As grand and romantic as purpose and destiny are, they are not guaranteed with the blast of the starting gun, nor that first step of faith out into the unknown adventure of what lies ahead. Everything under the sun has beginning and end, start and finish, and everything created by God is created with the intent of purpose, completion and fulfillment. Yet, it is what happens along that journey that is of paramount importance.

Download our discussion guide to use in your reading group.

Book Reviews

Love Does by Bob Goff

Through vivid storytelling Bob introduces us to the kind of love that God created; the kind of love that ‘involves sacrifice and presence’. Bob’s personal stories told in Love Does demonstrates this love – whether it be the story about his friend Randy accompanying him to Yosemite or his run in with Lynn that challenged his perspective on forgiveness. Bob not only shares about love in a whimsical way but also shows how God’s love can be experienced when we fail or feel like we have got it wrong. He shows how love is patient and active and that if we take the time to look in the rearview mirror of our lives, God’s tremendous love can be seen, even in painful experiences. Love Does is a great introduction to the life and work of Bob Goff. It’s almost as if we are sitting having a conversation on the deck of his house by the lake. Love Does helps you to discover how your life could be lived in incredible ways in an ordinary world – it will make you laugh and smile and cause you to remember or come to know the simple yet transformative love that God has for you.

Be The Change

At least 750 million youth and adults still cannot read and write and 250 million children are failing to acquire basic literacy skills (UNESCO). In support of promoting literacy, we encourage you to be the change through literacy based 500Projects or with one of the ideas below.

  • Make a donation to one of our Refugee Response or 500Projects specifically related to education & literacy (see the next tab). If you’re reading in a group, you could collect a small donation each time you gather – use your Sisterhood Tin!
  • Contact your local council or refugee support organisation and ask how you can donate books to those who may not have easy access to books.
  • Donate a new book to your local library or school library.
  • When you finish reading, pass on your copy of the book to someone who hasn’t read it and ask them to pass it on after they’ve read it themselves.
  • Volunteer at your child’s school library for a day a week.
  • Host a Book Swap party with your friends – swapping your pre-loved books and children’s books they no longer read.

Reading & Literacy Projects

Our Refugee Response & 500Projects related to reading & literacy.


World Vision is an international community development organisation that has been engaging people to work towards eliminating poverty and its causes for six decades. World Vision has been working in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Turkey and Northern Syria to provide humanitarian assistance to vulnerable Syrians and communities hosting Syrian refugees. As a part of this, they have provided child focused support, such as safe spaces for children to learn, play and receive other forms of support. The Colour Sisterhood is partnering with World Vision to support the creation of Child Friendly Spaces and Early Childhood Education. Click here to find more information about the project.


The Vision Rescue non-formal education program is designed to teach children who are not enrolled in formal schooling in a fun and engaging way, encouraging them to learn and want to continue with their education. The program teaches the basics of literacy and numeracy in Hindi and English and builds their confidence. The teachers also work with the children’s families to enrol the students into school. The program has great success in transitioning children from non-formal education into formal education at schools, setting them up for a positive future. The Colour Sisterhood partners with Visions Rescue to support children through the non-formal education program, also providing them with hot meals 5 days a week. Click here to find more information about the project.

READ BABY READ (Hillsong Africa Foundation)

Hillsong Africa Foundation (HAF) are working with primary schools across Mitchell’s Plain and Gugulethu in Cape Town to improve the literacy levels in classrooms. The work involves working with teachers to provide skills training and encouragement, providing classroom resources (in the form of book boxes) and facilitating extra-curricular activities that place value on the skill of reading. The Colour Sisterhood partners with HAF to provide literary training and resources for underprivileged schools in Cape Town, including the supply of new books. Click here to find more information about the project.

FOUND IN THE WORD (The Bible Society)

The Bible Society Australia is committed to giving access to the Bible across the world. Teams train church volunteers in remote areas to facility literacy classes. Course material and Scriptures are made available in local dialects so that ethnic minorities are able to think, pray and learn in their heart language. The program has been running for over ten years, reaching more than 46,000 Cambodians who have learned to read and write through these courses. The Colour Sisterhood partners with The Bible Society to support teaching women to read using Bible-based materials and provide them with a New Testament to share with their families. Click here to find more information about the project.