Book Club | Colour

Welcome to the Colour Sisterhood Book Club!
This book club is for everyone – from those who pick up a book twice a year on holidays to those who always have a book in hand.

Many of us are blessed to live in countries with easy access to literature and education. It’s so easy to take for granted the abundance of incredible books available to us. The heart behind the Colour Sisterhood Book Club is to highlight a handful of these books, one each month. Maybe this will be the only book you read this year or maybe it will just be one to put on the list! Whatever the case, lets take the opportunity to learn together.

But as always this can’t just be about us. The Colour Sisterhood at its core is about everyday women making a difference in the world. So we want to put a challenge out to you… whether you prefer to read on your own or gather your girlfriends, as we learn and grow together let’s help others do the same. You’ll find below some suggestions on how you can be the change in your local and global community.