The heart of The Colour Sisterhood is that every woman can find an important level of partnership and be empowered to respond in their own sphere of influence. 

The Sisterhood is collective and it is also personal. Here are some ideas to inspire you to take action as an individual, a group, or together as a united global Sisterhood. 

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Responding as an


There are so many opportunities to make a difference within your own sphere of influence. From fostering to fundraising, check out these ideas for you to #bethechange!

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Responding as a


There’s something powerful when you grab a bunch of girlfriends and put your heads, hearts and hands together for a cause. Here’s a list of examples for your mother’s group, book club, or bootcamp, to get inspired by.

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Responding as a


We can do more united together than we can alone.
Collectively we can cover the world in prayer #SisterhoodFightClub and contribute to Sisterhood projects supporting children, sisters and nations throughout the world.

"...let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth."

1 John 3:18

“...the power of Sisterhood is intrinsically both local and global. It’s not one or the other, it’s both, and I believe God wants us to give attention and due diligence to both.
The miracle of response is closer than many realise, often no farther than across the back fence or down the very streets we live on. Our own local “hood” and the people we do everyday life with are as important as pressing global needs.”

Bobbie Houston, The Sisterhood Book

Who We Support

Learn about challenges facing CHILDREN, SISTERS, NATIONS.








Every contribution to a Colour Sisterhood project helps to provide tangible response and bring about positive change for children, sisters, and nations.


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