Group Response

How can your group #bethechange and make a difference for orphans and vulnerable children?


• Support your local Foster care agency (contact them to find out what they need!).
-Arizona 1.27 Website
-Arizona Friends of Foster Care Website

• Promote foster care and support foster parents in your church or community.

• Run a play group for vulnerable groups in your community.
-CASA: Phoenix Website

• Run a gift drive for the local children’s hospital or foster care agency.
-Helen's Hope Chest: Phoenix Website

• Support children from challenging family situations through a mentoring program.

• Support the education of indigenous students through a scholarship or mentoring program.

• Find ways to increase inclusion of children living with an illness or disability.

• Fundraise or volunteer for local organisations that work with vulnerable children and young people.
-Red Eye: LA Website
-Para Los Ninos: LA Website | Give
-Saving Innocence: LA Website
-Arizona 1.27 Website
-Arizona Friends of Foster Care Website

• Work with your local school:
- Run a breakfast club.
- Provide a food pantry for school chaplains.
- Provide back-to-school kits.
- Support positive student-led campaigns; check out The String Movement.


• ADVOCATE for child rights. Visit your local Member of Parliament together. (Refer to our CHILDREN page for current topics that warrant our attention). Check out our advocacy kit.

• FUNDRAISE as a group for a project focusing on vulnerable children. Choose a project, set a goal, celebrate!

• Check out our Colour Sisterhood Projects.

• These are the organisations that the Colour Sisterhood has partnered with previously, who you may wish to give to and pray for:
- Compassion Website | Give
- She Rescue Website | Give

• Current Colour Sisterhood 'CHILDREN' project partners:
- Vision Rescue Sisterhood Project | Website | Give
- Hillsong Africa Foundation Sisterhood Project | Website | Give

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Take Action and #bethechange

Responding as an


There are so many opportunities to make a difference within your own sphere of influence. From fostering to fundraising, check out these ideas for you to #bethechange!

Responding as a


There’s something powerful when you grab a bunch of girlfriends and put your heads, hearts and hands together for a cause. Here’s a list of examples for your mother’s group, book club, or bootcamp, to get inspired by.

Responding as a


We can do more united together than we can alone. 

Collectively we can cover the world in prayer #SisterhoodFightClub and contribute to Sisterhood projects supporting children, sisters and nations throughout the world.


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