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There are so many individual actions you can take to #bethechange

Explore these examples of how you can respond and make a difference for Children, Sisters, and Nations. 

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Responding for


“We are part of a global awakening of God’s daughters on the earth, but as much as it is collective, it is also personal. The I AM SISTERHOOD statement carries a sense of personal revelation and ownership. I believe God has invested gift, talent, measure and capacity within you—and as we all roll up our sleeves and decide that we are here for such a time as this, we will see astounding miracles take place in our own families, neighbours, churches, community and world.”

– Bobbie Houston

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Learn about the state of the world for CHILDREN, SISTERS, & NATIONS, why we should respond, and questions to ask to get started.


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Explore different pathways of local and global response, as an INDIVIDUAL, a GROUP, and as a global Colour SISTERHOOD.


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