Individual Response

How can you #bethechange and respond to global challenges and vulnerable nations in our world?


• Shop ethically. Use an ethical shopping guide e.g. Good on You, Ethical Fashion Fast Finder, and Ethical Clothing Australia.

• Take a stand for human rights through starting or signing a petition that you believe in, and/or write to or visit your local Member of Parliament to discuss the issues you are passionate about.

• Curate your news feed to stay up to date with what’s happening in the world.

• Volunteer at your local Migrant Resource Centre or Refugee Support agency/s. Help to teach English or support families new to the country and your community.
-Voices of the Refugees: Orange County Website

• Call out racism where you see it and promote and celebrate diversity.

• Find ways to consume less. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

• Write a letter to encourage a Christian facing persecution or send a message of hope to Christians in the Middle East through Open Doors here.

• PRAY for awareness of opportunities to #bethechange for refugees and migrants in your community.


• LEARN more about key humanitarian issues or rights abuses around the world. Perhaps start with our NATIONS page.

• ADVOCATE for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

• PRAY for the persecuted church and organisations serving this group, including our friends at Open Doors.

• PRAY for nations experiencing conflict, people dealing with displacement, governments of nations, and where human rights are being denied. Pray for peace and justice.

• Check out our Colour Sisterhood Projects.

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Take Action and #bethechange

Responding as an


There are so many opportunities to make a difference within your own sphere of influence. From fostering to fundraising, check out these ideas for you to #bethechange!

Responding as a


There’s something powerful when you grab a bunch of girlfriends and put your heads, hearts and hands together for a cause. Here’s a list of examples for your mother’s group, book club, or bootcamp, to get inspired by.

Responding as a


We can do more united together than we can alone. 

Collectively we can cover the world in prayer #SisterhoodFightClub and contribute to Sisterhood projects supporting children, sisters and nations throughout the world.


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