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Engaging and sustaining a child in education requires working with their family and community. Vision Rescue work with families and provide community-based formal and non-formal education programs to ensure that children can access their right to education.


Children may face multiple obstacles to accessing education including child labour, gender discrimination, conflict, language challenges, barriers related to disability, and household poverty. School attendance is lower in slums and children from poor urban neighbourhoods are among the least likely to attend school. In India and Bangladesh, around 20% of students do not make the transition from primary to secondary education.

There are an estimated 17.8 million out-of-school children in India and around 20% of students do not make the transition from primary to secondary education (UNICEF).

47.78% of India’s out-of-school children are girls.

An estimated 41% of out-of-school children in urban India will never enter a school during their childhood (UNESCO).

Women's empowerment has been a focus of the Indian Government.


The Vision Rescue Community Intervention Program aims to engage and sustain children in education, which has the potential to prevent exploitation and transform not only individual lives but generations.

In target slum communities, a range of education programs are facilitated, catering to the needs of various groups of children. This includes both mobile and centre-based pre-school and primary education programs. Children are fed a nutritious meal and receive dental and medical checks every year.

Vision Rescue Case Workers visit and work with families to identify and address obstacles to children accessing formal education. Medical, dental, vocational skills training and counselling services are made available when needed. Parent meetings are facilitated, special community events are held, and relationships are developed with local leaders to harness community support. This holistic approach allows Vision Rescue to not only get children into school but ensure that they don't drop out again.

Sushma's STORY

After her husband’s sudden death and with no means of providing for her four sons, the support Sushma received from Vision Rescue helped empower her to overcome depression and find new opportunities to provide for her family’s future.


Pray for children and their families to overcome obstacles to education.
Pray for teachers and service providers to provide quality education.
Pray for hope and effective solutions to bring about a brighter future for children and families in poverty.

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Vision Rescue’s mission is to engage and sustain children in education in order to prevent exploitation and create change in the next generation. Vision Rescue was founded in 2004 in response to seeing the needs of Mumbai’s street children. Vision Rescue began a non-formal Education Bus Program and expanded their work to include various formal and non-formal education programs, as well as dental and medical services, and skills training for income-generation.

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