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The Colour Sisterhood is made up of thousands of women and girls. All would agree that they’re on a journey of discovery when it comes to all that life entails, yet, in the midst of that journey, they’re doing their best to be found, not only in Christ, but in the soil of their calling, planting and convictions. We took a moment to ask a few girls about themselves and the things that are important to them. The twenty-seventeen language of being “found in the field” is multi-faceted. All these women want to be found alongside a God who has a passion for the harvest fields of humanity, but they’re also everyday women with families, jobs and spheres of influence to tap into. Enjoy a tiny snapshot into the world of some of your sisters, and find inspiration in their gems of wisdom and perspective.


I pray that my influence enlarges. It's not about me but Jesus in me, and reaching as many as possible. It's about bringing my ordinary self into His Greatness.


I love that I get to be a part of the solution here on earth. Helping people find their purpose in Christ is the most rewarding thing ever.


I think what resonates the most with me personally is the empowering message to be all God has created you to be, and to not do it alone.


I want my own existence to be a pathway for people to know Jesus – an invitation for them to come home to Jesus.


As an older woman I love the message that we have a role in supporting and mentoring the younger women to be all they can be.


I am also totally on mission to grow my children into the people God created and destined them to be. I know there are such special plans for these lovely little people and I need to be constant in my mission to raise them knowing who they are.


I want the name of Jesus to be honoured again in the UK. I love my job and I love seeing people’s lives changed but we need more of the power of the Spirit, to see more and more people’s lives changed. We cannot do anything without God directing our steps


For me being at Colour Conference and seeing what the Global Sisterhood is doing around the world always blows my mind. Every Colour I think to myself, “These women are changing the world. What can I do? What can I do?…”


I want to show people that it’s possible to be a successful, influential person and a devoted Christian. My hope is that my life would be evidence that there is God in heaven who loves and cares for us deeply.


I have found so many lonely stay at home mums – it can be a really hard season. So if I can create an environment that helps mums connect with one another and build friendships, I know it just may be the lifeline that someone needs.


From a young age I have always had a heart for those in need, especially young people. From the age of fifteen I regularly travelled with my mum to Thailand to work with children rescued from the sex trade and refugees escaping ethnic cleansing in Burma.


Belief in myself was the biggest challenge and to be honest, stepping into the unknown scares the life out of me. I still feel the fear with every new project, but I’ve learned to work with it...


I think the power of human beings to forgive, change and move on is inspiring. There’s nothing more touching than to see Christ exemplified in another person...


People were desperate, however we felt from the beginning to help them to create a sustainable future for themselves. We did this through the simple supply of seeds and tangible encouragement...


I don’t see challenges. I am so grateful for where I am, but I remind myself to remain healthy - from my physical wellbeing to how I am doing spiritually, because if that is good, what will flow out of me to others will also be good....

Tracy's Story

"I always imagined myself as a princess when I was a little girl and my father was the king... The truth is that this was not my reality."

Jaynie's Story

When I found myself being asked the simple question at 14, “Did I believe?” I said yes.

Brooklynne's Story

My story is more like a journey of realising what salvation is and how it is woven throughout my life.

Tina's Story

I didn’t believe that God had created me for a dry and boring life.

Jessie's Story

My story is simple but it’s mine and it’s God’s and it is beautiful.

Heather's Story

How He longs to heal your broken heart and set you free!

Meg's Story

I remember kneeling in my lounge room asking God not only to save me but also to bring healing and deliverance.


Courage that inspires courage.


From captive to freedom.


When heartbreak turns to action.


When two lives collide.


Inspired by sisters who have gone before.


When kindness and truth rewrites the story.


Dreams, desires and bold prayers.


How love led her home.