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Dreams, desires, and bold prayers

Annie Kardas / Thessoloniki, Greece

My name is Annie. I was born in the United States, spent an important season of my life in Australia, and now live in Greece as a new bride with my gorgeous husband and a fabulous eclectic family of friends from all around the world.

I have always wanted to be involved in something of significance, and the desire to help make this world a better place has always been strong. I didn’t know how, where or with whom, so I started praying dangerous prayers like: “God, my life is yours, use me however you want.” I was amazed at the adventure He then took me on, one I could never have imagined, dreamed or achieved in my own strength. God answered my prayers, and my path crossed with a five-foot tall Australian preacher by the name of Christine Caine. She had something I wanted – a relentless tenacity to change the world, and a bold confidence that it could be done.

I came to learn that Christine was part of the Colour Sisterhood, that included women from all across Australia and around the world. I was soon exposed to a ‘whole new world’ of women like her, each with a passion to make a difference. A fabulous unity and sense of working together existed amongst them which was inspiring and empowering.

As I continued to pray and step out in faith, I found myself working alongside Christine and her husband. One day she asked me, “Do you know what human trafficking is?” From that moment forward, my God-adventure fast tracked and the A21 Campaign was birthed. Today, A21 has offices in nine countries around the world, and we are actively seeing many victims of human trafficking set free!

I have been on the journey with Bobbie, Christine and the Colour Sisterhood for many years now and as we have all taken brave steps forward, we have witnessed much progress in regard to the awareness of, and more importantly, the abolition of human trafficking.

As a young woman, I have had the honour and the privilege of helping build something so much bigger than myself, which has enabled me to do more than I could have ever done alone.

For more information on the A21 campaign see