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Courage that inspires courage

Catherine Thambiratnam / Sydney, Australia

Stories of bold courage and bold choices; stories of obstacles overcome and kindness bestowed; stories that open the mind and heart as to how
God has created us to live, these are the stories that adorn the Sisterhood journey. If we had ten thousand pages in this magazine, we’d tell ten
thousand stories, but we have a mere handful of pages to tell just a handful of stories. We trust they give you an insight to the brave women within this
sisterhood – and that you find their stories inspiring enough to pass onto a friend who needs to know that something good is happening amongst the
women of this world.

On a personal note, I am a mother of two little girls, so the stories of mothers facing impossible circumstances perhaps impact me the most. What must
a parent go through as they decide to step onto a fragile boat or cross a dangerous border with their children in an attempt to reach ‘a new world’?
What compels them to flee and go in search of a better life and a better future? What complexities drive the decision and then face them on the
other side?

One such sister told her story of persecution in a foreign land. Her life had collided with ours one Christmas as our church sought to bless those
struggling in the community. As I listened, it made me ask myself what I would do in her situation? What would I do if my child was at risk of torture or
death or unable to have an education simply because she was a girl? What risk would I take for her future?

The reality is, I don’t really know if I am as strong and courageous as she was but I do know that she is now in my homeland and my local community.
She needs my compassion and empathy. She needs my help to navigate the next steps in her journey.

Over the past 3 years as a Colour Sisterhood, we have had the honour and privilege to help provide care, assistance and support to families who find
themselves in our country as refugees or asylum seekers. I am so blessed to be in a position to provide some of that care and help to equip others
to extend the uncompromised love of God. To me this is what Sisterhood is all about – taking what is in my hand and making a difference in my local
backyard. I know much work lies ahead for all of us in this field.