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When heartbreak turns to action

Megan Butel / Sydney, Australia

My name is Megan. I was 41 when I attended the 2007 Colour conference. It was a significant year for me and my girlfriends because our hearts were
deeply stirred by the desperate plight and need of the Ugandan child soldiers. Marilyn Skinner was yet again one of the Colour speakers. She shared
her vision to build a Watoto village in Gulu, northern Uganda, to help restore the traumatised children returning from the aftermath of the civil war
there. Bobbie showed a film that captured the cry of the afflicted and the 17,000 women gathered at conference were deeply impacted.

During the short break between sessions, it was hard to know what to do or say. As we returned to the vast auditorium, Bobbie felt compelled to
receive a special offering to help this pressing need in northern Uganda. What transpired next was truly a heaven breathed and heaven inspired
moment. A moment that really only Bobbie can give expression to. A ‘seed offering’ was entrusted. Instead of Bobbie actually receiving the offering –
she felt to leave it in ‘our hands’ as something to ‘grow’. At the time, I had $50 and would have been content with giving that. But I now had a choice
and a challenge – to take that $50 in my hand and believe that it could grow into something more substantial.

My girlfriends and I decided to plan, strategise and host a charity dinner at the end of 2007 with the hope that we might raise $35,000 to
build a single home in Gulu for these children. We attended a local Anglican church that was in the middle of a significant building fund drive at
the time. So, with the blessing of our minister, we asked our church friends to approach people outside of church circles, extended families,
neighbours, work colleagues and friends from local schools. These people were not likely to fund our church renovations but they were happy to
give to an organisation like Watoto when awakened to the desperate plight of these child soldiers. We hosted about 165 people at the dinner and the
presence of God was tangible. We were speechless when the amount was announced – God had exceeded our wildest expectations. How hilarious
that God used four middle-aged, North Shore mums to raise over $100,000 in one night?

What affectionately became known as the ‘cleavage offering’ (you’ll have to ask Bobbie for the inside story on this one) went on to miraculously
raise hundreds of thousands of dollars that in turn enabled Watoto to rebuild many lives in northern Uganda. The power of a Godly response and
Godly strategy enables the miraculous to happen. Take a look online – there’s a beautiful 30 minute film from Colour 2012 that tells some of this
greater story.