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THE STORIES BEHIND THE FACES OF The Twenty-16 Colour Invitation


Tell us about yourself!
I am a Mum of three. Chloe is 20, Madi 18 and Josh is 16. I am the eldest of 3 children. Happily married for 22 years. I am a student of life. I love to learn about food and nutrition, gardening and growing food.

I haven’t always had the confidence I have now – I feel like a late bloomer. Better late than never. I went back to studying last year to emerge as a Health Coach and I am now fulfilling my purpose using all of my skills to help others reach their health goals. I am just about to hit my half-century and loving life as I help transform my family’s health and other people’s health.

What are you the most proud of?
I am most proud of the fact that my husband and I have raised our 3 kids as leaders to think for themselves, love Jesus and live out their purpose and passion.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned about yourself in your decade that you think the women reading this would benefit from?
Be mindful about what you allow your mind to think on. Your actions will reflect your thinking and then form into habits. I grew up with negative words spoken over me I held onto it for way too long. Seek out people who lift and encourage. Through learning how to speak God’s word over my life and surrounding myself with a connect group of women who are on the same journey, I have learned to not stay stuck in that hurt and mindset.

My past doesn’t have to define me. With God I am a new creation so I allow Him to recreate me and finish my life well. It’s never too late to begin anything.

Why are you apart of the Sisterhood?
I love that it is a global movement of women knit and woven together for a common cause. I love that women are valued and this [Sisterhood] is where I learned that I have value, strength and can be transformed. It’s where I can, in turn, place value on others and help transform others. One person can do something and together we can change the world.

Think of time when you had to trust God the most. What do you think girls reading this could learn from your journey?
When we went through a really difficult time in business, I remember saying to myself, ‘it’s time to see faith in action.’ Through many years of not being able to purchase much except basic food and the bare necessities, God was faithful; He dressed us and fed us. It felt like God was stripping everything back in me. Although this time was the most difficult, it also was the best time of growth and refining. Our family drew closer and we appreciated each other and the important things in life.

Who is Jesus to you?
My best friend, He is like my invisible buddy who walks with me daily. He is my Saviour, Guide, Protector. I love how He loves women and the stories in the Bible, like Mary Magdelene, encourage me.

Tina's Salvation Story

I grew up going to Sunday school at a Presbyterian Church. When I was 13 I attended a Billy Graham crusade and accepted Jesus into my heart. I always wished I had a radical transformation, but mine is one that has been quiet and gradual. When we were married and had children, our spiritual walk was so dry the only reason we kept attending church was to continue taking the children to Sunday school. I was so bored and yet I didn’t believe that God had created me for a dry and boring life.


It wasn’t until I came to Hillsong that the Bible really started making sense. Head knowledge connected with my heart through the practical messages. I soaked myself in Pastor Bobbie’s message of value and discovered who and whose I am in Jesus. I needed the practical application to come to life in order to live the purpose God has called me to. To know that I am “fearfully and wonderfully made”, “there is no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus”, “He has a purpose for me”, “Christ died so that I may have life in abundance”.

I now love taking this message out to women through my work to sprinkle them with the Holy Spirit and let His love do its work.