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THE STORIES BEHIND THE FACES OF The Twenty-16 Colour Invitation


Tell us about yourself!
I am a sister. I’m also the youngest and the only girl in my family so life has always been actioned packed growing up with two older brothers.

What do you do for fun?
I love traveling! I love watching documentaries about our world and the life it contains – it’s like exploring the world without having to leave my room. Getting out and about and seeing everything I have learned is the best part.

Favourite Snack?
I wish it wasn’t but I have to say… chocolate! The organic kind is the best.

What are you passionate about?
I’m incredibly passionate about music and writing music. To be able to express myself and bring God praise through what I write.

What are your dreams?
I have so many dreams! Little by little I’ve started ticking them off and fulfilling them. My dream at the moment is to be a successful writer who people can learn from and look up to.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned about yourself that you think girls reading this would benefit from?
I’m 21 years old and I’ve learned a lot, but if I could share one thing that I’ve learned it would have to be never give up on yourself or your dreams. There’s such beauty in believing in yourself and finding confidence in who you are but most importantly who God has made you to be.

How do you hope to make a difference in the world?
I hope to make a difference with music. Music has such a powerful influence in our word, especially in the younger generation. It is a powerful tool but also opens up opportunities to talk to people about why I do what I do and about Jesus.

What are you the most thankful for?
I’m most thankful for the people God has placed in my life. Who isn’t thankful for that? I have been shown so much kindness and I couldn’t be any more grateful if I tried. I’m beyond blessed!

What do you love about Colour Conference?
Colour to me is a declaration every year that we, as women, are united for one cause and that’s Jesus Christ. What’s not to love about that?

Who is Jesus to you?
As a young girl, losing my Dad was the hardest thing in the world. I felt alone and unwanted but when I learned more about Jesus and the love He has for me I found my place and I found my purpose.

Tracy's Salvation Story

I always imagined myself as a princess when I was a little girl and my father was the king. My Father worked hard to provide for our family and keep the roof of our one bedroomed castle over our heads. He would sweep me up in his arms and in those moments there was nothing greater than the smile on his face, the joy in his eyes and no place I felt safer.

The truth is that this was not my reality. Most days our one bedroom castle felt more like a prison where alcohol-fuelled violence ran rampage like a bull in a china store and suddenly my father, who was meant to protect me, was no longer capable.

We moved out of our home and into a house with my father’s friend. No one knew what was to become of our family or the horrors I would face living inside the walls of what I can only describe as hell. The man my father called a friend and trusted, abused me and just like that I no longer felt like a princess. I was now a young girl who had been abused and felt unclean and unworthy. My father could not protect me and nothing hurt me more than seeing him come to that realisation. I was then taken away from my parents.

On the 11th of November 2002 my father took my mother’s life and then his own. That feeling of worthlessness and being unwanted surfaced once again.

I always prayed as a young girl to God and never truly understood why any of this had to happen to my family or me. It wasn’t until my mom’s sister fostered me and I moved to Australia where I truly found God. I was standing at the back of a Friday night Youth service. I remember hearing the words, “He loves you no matter what” and just like that, I knew. I knew I was the daughter of a king and not just any king but THE KING. Being God’s daughter means that you are strong, because He is your strength. It means that you can overcome anything because He has already been through it for you.

Being God’s daughter means you are worthy and you are so loved.