Groups & Seating Communities 

Once again this year our seating will be arranged via “Seating Communities,” where you will be able to sit with the group that you registered with, within a community of approx. 200 ladies attending Colour. This is a great opportunity to sit with your family and friends or make some new ones!

Your community will be hosted by one of our Seating Community Captains (a volunteer) who will look after you throughout the week. Colour Groups ensure that you and your loved ones are placed together within Seating Communities for the duration of conference, if you do not group yourselves together unfortunately you may be unable to sit together.

For those registering, please ensure that you are nominating a group at the beginning of the registration process by using the Group Name and Passcode provided by your group leader.

Creating Your Group

Registering to sit with your local service Group

By using the Group Name & Passcode for your church location when registering you will be seated together with great girls from the same location, giving you a chance to make some new friends on the Colour journey! Contact your local campus for more information on your local Groups code.
Creating a Group of your own

Select the “Manage” button in the top right corner then select “Start a new group.”

You will need to nominate the following information for your group:
Group Name (What your friends/family will search for to join your group)
Group’s ticket type (Either Conference 1 Adult or Conference 2 Adult)
Manager’s email address (This should be the leader or administrator’s email address)
Passcode to join the group (A simple, easy-to-remember code or phrase – *will be required to join your group)
Passcode to manage the group (For the leader to access and manage the group)
Group Leader Name (The leader’s name – for our office use)

Click “Save” once this has all been completed.
You will receive an email confirming the creation of your group!