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“When I was a little girl, my mother taught my sister and I to receive a gift with gratitude… to be sure the giver knew that the extension of their heart was no small thing… and that the effort within their gift would be treasured. We would open the gift slowly, careful not to damage the layers of wrapping or ribbon chosen… and then would always look the giver in the eye and again say, “Thank you”.

A gift of any description tells a story – that someone had you in mind, that someone went to no uncertain lengths for you, that someone wanted to show their love toward you with something tangible.

This world is recipient to the greatest gift ever conceived, offered and delivered – the gift of life-eternal and life-everlasting in and through the person of Jesus Christ. A Gift that has proven true, tangible and trustworthy to any heart open to receiving it. A Gift profoundly irresistible in nature, and irresistible to witness in motion.

The word irresistible carries within its meaning “that which cannot be resisted; that which is captivating and beautiful”. COLOUR Twenty-20 lands within the landscape of those words.

BE FOUND in the irresistible keeps our eyes focused on what is and what is yet to come.

BE FOUND in the irresistible points to the adventure of the days we live in – the adventure of making an irresistible God, full of good-grace and good-news, known to a world lacking in hope.

BE FOUND in the irresistible challenges us to the adventure of being light in the darkness and clarity in the confusion.

I hope you’ll walk with us into an unknown (and yet known) future.

That you’ll be part of a Movement of fabulous women on the earth, who will wear his truth and goodness with favour, purpose and compassion –
— the Gift-giver Himself shining brightly in and through you.

It might sound wild, it might sound impossible … but God promises in His Word that he is well able to transform the bleakest of lives and the bleakest of circumstances into something beautiful.

Isaiah 51 (in the Message paraphrase) says, “I’ll transform her dead ground into Eden, her moonscape into the garden of GOD, A place filled with exuberance and laughter, thankful voices and melodic songs”.

It’s time to shine brightly girls. It’s time to awaken, open the gifts and put on the treasures of Salvation.
It’s time.
Time for multitudes to hear that there truly is a God in Heaven who believes in them, and a sisterhood who are on track to genuinely make this world a better place.

It always begins with an Invitation, and this invitation belongs to you and your world. We trust you’ll position yourself within this future that awaits us all.
Everlasting. Ever true. Irresistible.”

With love and affection, Bobbie Houston

Host and founder of Colour Conference.
Co-Senior Pastor Hillsong Church.

Wild Bright Awakening

The Conference

Colour. Colour is a global women’s conference, currently hosted in Sydney, London, Cape Town, New York City, Los Angeles and Kiev (Ukraine), by Bobbie Houston and the global team of Hillsong Church. Attended by thousands of women annually, the mandate for the past 23 years has been to place value upon everyday women of all ages, background and culture.

As a movement, the Colour Sisterhood ripple effect has inspired women around the world to rise up, champion womanhood in all its magnificence and partner together in advocating for justice and change.

The Colour experience is always full of fun, life and creativity – with a strong humanitarian mandate towards the issues that face women around the world. Its appeal is far-reaching and it has proven a perfect and inspiring getaway for girls from all walks of life.


Joining Bobbie and the Hillsong team in 2020 is guest Leanne Matthesius.

Our Guest

Leanne Matthesius. Leanne Matthesius, along with her husband Jurgen, are the Senior Pastors of C3 Church San Diego, a thriving church in Southern California. Leanne’s ministry style is wonderfully feminine, and refreshingly humorous. She moves powerfully in the anointing, seeing many released and set free from the bondage and limitations keeping them from becoming all that God has designed them to be.

Leanne uses personal stories and testimonies to connect with people on a very real level. Her prophetic insight and practical down-to-earth ministry style is refreshing and empowers you to take on all that life has to offer. Leanne is a mother to four children and has been in full time ministry for over 25 years.

Bobbie Houston

Join your host Bobbie Houston

Leanne Matthesius

Leanne Matthesius

Colour LA

March 27-28, 2020

Orpheum Theatre, Los Angeles

Colour New York

April 3-4, 2020

Kings Theatre, New York