CONFERENCE 1: Thursday 19 April – Saturday 21 April 2018

Colour Conference Programme
** Draft, subject to change

12.00pm Registrations & Resource Open
5.30pm External & Auditorium Doors Open
7.00pm – 9.00pm Opening Celebration

9.00am External & Auditorium Doors Open
10.00am – 12pm Morning Session
12pm – 1pm Lunch Break
1pm – 3.15pm Afternoon Session
3.15pm – 6.00pm Dinner Break
5.00pm Auditorium Doors Open
6.00pm – 8.00pm Night Celebration

08.30am External & Auditorium Doors Open
09.30am – 11.30am Morning Session
11.30am – 1.30pm Lunch Break
1.00pm Auditorium Doors Open
1.30pm – 3.15pm Afternoon Session
3.15pm – 4.00pm Dinner Break
4.00pm – 6.00pm Closing Celebration


Located in the Wembley, the The SSE Arena is easily accessible by public transport, including the Underground and Overground trains and is only a 8 minute walk from Wembley Park station. Secure car parking is available and conveniently located next to the SSE Arena.
For detailed directions, please visit

There are a number of car parks very close to the venue and can be pre-booked to avoid disappointment, to book your spot today please click here or copy this link:

A special rate of £16.25 per day has been set up for Colour Conference delegates.

To make booking accommodation easy for you, click on the dedicated link to recommended hotels with best available rates, please note that the negotiated rate will only be available up to 4 weeks before the conference starts. If delegates do not complete their booking the room will be released.

Accommodation for Colour Conference can be booked in just 5 easy steps using the following link –

This year we’ve got more fun and activities planned for you in the breaks. Food trucks are back again plus, on our doorstep you can enjoy the range of restaurants and shops that the Wembley Park Outlet has to offer.

Delegate packs will be posted out the last week of March if you registered by the 18th March. For those who have not received their packs the Registrations Marquee will be open from 12pm – 6pm on Thursday, 19th April 2018 for pass collection.

Your seating allocation for each of the main sessions is displayed on your pass.

Please bring your letter you will need to tear off along the perforations and place your pass in a lanyard provided upon arrival and wear it around your neck at all times for access into the venue.

Please note that lost passes will incur a replacement fee



The Colour Kids team are passionate about pointing children to Jesus and consider it a great honour to be leading your children during Colour Conference 2018. We want you to be able to relax and enjoy Colour knowing your children will experience a conference full of life defining moments that will inspire their hearts to follow God whilst making new friends, both with our magnificent leaders and other children.
The Colour Kids programme is packed with games, activities, teaching, worship, craft and FUN, all designed to engage kids and help them learn all about Jesus. We pray that Colour Conference will be a life-impacting week for you and a future defining week for your children.

Colour Kids is brought to you from all our Hillsong campuses across Europe, so if your child does not speak English as their first language there is no need to worry, we have team to help with translating and communicating with your kids.

Colour Kids is located at the Hilton Hotel, just outside the SSE Arena. We have programmes for children from 1 year old (& walking) right through to 11 year olds (School year 6 included). These programmes are located in the following areas:

Parents Rooms (newborns to 1 year old non-walkers)
The SSE Arena, Mezzanine level
Children under 12 months old are welcome to accompany you into the auditorium We have a special section reserved inside the auditorium for mums with their little ones which has easy access to the parenting room. Our Parents Room is located on the mezzanine and is available for you to feed and change your baby with a live link video so you are able to be part of and see the service if they become unsettled or need to sleep.

Cubby House 
(1 – 2 year olds)
The Hilton Hotel, 2nd floor

(3 – 4 year olds)
The Hilton Hotel, 2nd floor

Fun House 
(5 – 6 year olds)
The Hilton Hotel, 2nd floor

(7 – 11 year olds)
The Hilton Hotel, 2nd floor

Colour Kids will open their doors for drop off at 5:30pm on Thursday 19th April 2018.
After the first night, kids drop off will be open one hour before the morning and evening sessions.
You will need to collect your children immediately once the afternoon and evening meetings come to a close. This is to allow the Colour Kids team to prepare for the next sessions.
*Please note: you will not be able to leave your child in the care of Colour Kids during the afternoon break or have access to the Colour Kids rooms.

You will need to show your Parent Pick Up Card everytime you come to pick up your child. Your child’s ID number is also indicated on the card. If we need to contact you during the meetings we will send you a text message so please keep your phone handy and on silent.
*Please note: If you will not be collecting your children yourself, please inform the Colour Kids team at drop off and ensure the child’s collector or family member has the parent pick up card with them. No parent pick up card will mean no entry into Colour Kids. Under 18 year olds will not be allowed to collect children unless agreed with the Colour Kids team at drop off.

We are unable to change your child’s nappy. Please keep your mobile phone handy should we need to contact you for a nappy change or if your child becomes unsettled.

Please ensure all your children have their own (nut free) packed lunch and snack with a water bottle at drop off prior to all sessions. We will provide the children in Cubby House and Ark with a rice cake for morning tea and supper. Please let the team know if your child has any food allergies. You are welcome to send extra snacks for your child as well as a bottle or drink. If your child is aged 1-4 years old, please come and feed your child during the lunch break. You are welcome to feed them in our kids rooms, but we do encourage you can take them out for a break and some fresh air. Please name your child’s items where possible. There will be a designated area in the kid’s rooms where you can leave their bags.
Prams can be checked into the pram bay and we will fetch them if your child needs a nap.

A quiet time will be provided during the day for your toddler to rest or have a nap. Please let us know your child’s routine. You are welcome to send anything that will help them settle during this time eg. Favourite toy, blanket, pram etc. If they fall asleep in the lunch break you can bring them back to us asleep and we can contact you if they wake up unsettled. If your child needs a comforter or has a special toy they are bringing into the room, please ensure it is clearly labelled.

Before Conference starts, please talk to your child about their programme and all the fun they will have in their special room, this will help to ease their fears about a potentially unknown programme. You could give them practice staying without you by leaving them at a friend’s house or in your own Church Kids programme. During Parent drop off we encourage parents to come into the room with their toddler, meet leaders and help settle their child into the room. Our kids programme opens an hour before the adult service starts so why not come a bit earlier to ensure your Toddler is comfortable and happy before you head off into the service. Toddlers will often cry when left but will settle quickly once the parents are out of sight. Our team will text you if they need you at any time. Please make sure that you have a number that we can easily contact you on during Conference.


PARENTING ROOMS (Babies to 12 months)
If you are a mum with a newborn baby – 12 month old (non-walker), we have a beautiful parenting room available for you to feed, change your baby and to be part of the service if they become unsettled and need to sleep during the sessions. There will be microwaves, highchairs, a private breastfeeding area and nappy changing facilities.

PRAMS: You can check your pram into our Pram Bay when you arrive at conference. Please see one of our Parenting Room Hosts if you require it at any time. There is limited lift access at the SSE Arena so we would recommend that you bring a baby carrier and / or a small foldable pram to avoid having to wait for the lifts.

Cubby House (1 – 2 year olds)
If needed please provide sleeping gear for your children (cot/pram, sheets/blanket), plus a spare change of clothes. There will be some children’s beds available.
Please note: we are unable to change your child’s nappy or clothes. We will text you for a change as needed.
Brunch Break: We would love it if you could come and check on your children during this short break.

Ark (3 – 4 year olds)
Although pre-schoolers are toilet trained we understand that accidents do happen so it would be very helpful for your child and our team if you pack an extra set of underwear and clothes just in case. We are unable to change your child so we will text you if a toileting accident does occur. We will feed your children their packed lunch but you are welcome to pop into visit them during the brunch break.

Fun House (5 – 6 year olds) & Voltage (7 – 11 year olds)
Your children will be enjoying a fun action packed programme during their time at Colour Kids. As well as a nut free packed lunch, please provide any snacks & drinks your child may need for morning and afternoon tea.
TREASURE CHEST (Additional Needs)
If your child has any special/additional needs (Autism, Downs Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida etc…) we would love to welcome them into our programme and give your child extra support from our great team.
Please indicate on their online registration form or contact us at if your child has any additional needs so that our team can facilitate the best care for them during conference.


What should I pack for my child?
Comfortable clothes and shoes (and a change of clothing for pre-schoolers) drink bottle, nut-free snacks and lunch and any necessary medication. We recommend leaving any precious toys and/or electronic items at home.
What do I do with my pram during Colour?
We have a secure pram parking area for your pram during conference. Please take any valuables with you. If your baby is sleeping we have limited space in the parenting rooms for your pram while they are asleep.
What happens if my child needs a nappy change?
There are nappy change facilities in the SSE Arena parenting rooms as well as in our Cubby House programme at the Hilton Hotel.
What is your toileting procedure?
We have designated toilets for the children to use. They will be supervised by our leaders. If your child is toilet training please let us know and we will regularly ask them if they need to use the bathroom. We do not change nappies or clothes, so we will need a contact number for you so that we can text you if they need a nappy change.
What do I do during the afternoon break?
There is a fun local park as well as shops & restaurants all located next to the Hilton Hotel & SSE Arena for you to take your children to as Colour Kids will be closed.

Colour Kids opens approximately one hour before the main conference morning sessions. Our morning rallies are made up of praise and worship, games, teaching and discussion groups. The children will have lunch together in their groups.
Children will be ready for parent pick up for the dinner break.

Colour Kids opens one hour and a half before the adult conference on Thursday night and then will open approximately one hour before all other adult sessions.
Pick up is requested within 30 minutes of the adult session ending. Children can be collected anytime before that.

If you have any question, please contact us on
We have received countless stories from parents and children who have made great new friends, had a real word from God, found Jesus and had the best time at Colour Kids 2017. We cannot wait to meet your child and take them on the adventure in 2018.


Bring your Church to Colour!

We are passionate about seeing as many women join us at Colour for an amazing time of refreshing, reminding, and revelation in God’s presence! We think there is no better way to do this than to be surrounded by your girlfriends!

You don’t have to be a Pastor or Senior Leader of your church – just a woman with the desire to make a difference! Imagine not just one, but a group of women who have been impacted at Colour, go back and change their community!

Group Perks

When you register as a group, you and your groups members can enjoy:

  • Discounted Tickets for group members
  • Personal concierge assigned to your group to help assist an easy and enjoyable Colour Experience
  • An opportunity to network with other group leaders and hear from Hillsong Leadership at a special group leader’s breakfast
  • Fixed Seating for groups of 40 and above

How to register your group

Group Registrations are now closed for Colour Conference 2018, however if you would like to bring a group from your Church to Colour Conference 2019, simply contact us at with the following information:

  • Group Leader Name
  • Church Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Number
  • Address
  • Estimated Group number

Church Group Info 2018

As you have registered as a Church group, we have been sure to allocate you all to the same seating area. Although this is the case, it is important that you get to your seats 15 minutes before the start of each session, to ensure you are all seated together.

If you have any questions throughout the conference there will be a group Concierge Stand situated on the Mezzanine level, where our friendly volunteers would be happy to help.

Keep an eye on your inbox for more updated information on your Colour Conference experience as a Church Group!



This year our seating will be arranged via “Seating Communities,” where you will be able to sit with the group that you registered with, within a community of approx. 300 ladies attending Colour. This is a great opportunity to sit with your family and friends or make some new ones!

Your community will be hosted by one of our Seating Community Captains (a volunteer) who will look after you throughout the Conference.

Seating Communities will start on Thursday Evening and full details of your seating rotations will be available on your delegate pass which will be sent out in your delegate pack.

Please note the option to opt into a specific seating community has now closed.