BREAKING NEWS: Young People Give Up School Holidays To Converge On Their Community, In An Uprising Of Epic Proportions.

Jun 27 2016

Yes you heard it first, last week a group of youth chose to give up their school holidays to lead the way in kindness across their community. Lets be honest they pretty well could have been sunbaking by the beach, watching the latest divergent film or carrying shiny bags of new clothes home to their wardrobes after their latest shopping expedition. But, instead they chose to give up 3 whole days of their school break to spend it with those in need in their local neighbourhood.

In an uprising of epic proportions hundreds of young people, picked up shovels, rakes, lawn mowers and cleaning supplies, taking on one household at a time. This is better than John Farnham’s greatest hit, “Sady The Cleaning Lady”. The youth; ladies and gents of all ages, passionate about telling a different story about their generation, one that shows them choosing to be valuable contributors to their community and selfless ones at that.

Across the 3 day uprising conference the youth heard messages about learning to lead and leading to love. Youth Pastor, Laura Toggs, told the epic story of David & Goliath. “David the ordinary and the unlikely leader.” Similarly these ordinary and unlikely youth took their place in the community and made their mark. Sam age 17 said it; ‘opened his eyes to a world outside his own.’ This uprising of students outrageous actions of kindness in their community are now telling a story that will outlast. As, they chose to put their hands up to be used in a simple and altogether significant way. Another student says that because of the uprising conference she wants to be, “in the midst of it more”. She wants to be in the midst of her neighbourhood, experiencing life on behalf of and alongside others that used to be strangers but are now ‘neighbours’ in the truest sense of the word.

This is revival.

In a youth generation that more often than not, fixes its attention in a hall of mirrors, these ordinary yet extraordinary leaders chose to see beyond themselves for a day and it’s an experience they feel will stick with them forever. Bonita age 18 says that; ‘It felt like there was now a translation from what they watch on the news or behind their TV screens, now that that they all have had the chance to physically be a part of others lives. All of them say that because of the experience their hearts were bigger and they will never be the same.

Uprising Story