Chloe Skye Andrews Shows That Supporting Your Local Girl Gang and Sticky Notes Save The Day

Jun 27 2016

Chloe Skye Andrews is 17 years old and just your every day girl. It’s her spiral curls and big brown eyes that cause you to instantly BFF. According to her this story all started, “basically, at a summer camp”. For years she had lived an ordinary life but after this radical moment it changed her in a ridiculously good-looking way. (and we don’t just say that for Zoolander’s sake)

The simple phrase, “Chloe….God has got whatever you want to do with your life”, gave her courage to start something that has now resulted in revival in the hills. (“…the Hills are alive with the sound of music…”, we’ve asked Chloe if she is any relation to Julie Andrews, she says no, but we are gonna ask her parents, because we aren’t convinced) After sensing, that the girls, in her school including those that were closest were disconnected, and at times, clique-cliché. Our friend Chloe decided that she was going to put up her hand and do something about it. Not having the freedom to run a ‘Christian’ lunchtime group in her school, she simply used what was in her hand to bring girls together.

For her this looked like, starting a sisterhood group at lunchtime with the purpose of story – telling. This was all about creating an environment where different groups of girls could mingle and make friends together. For those of you that don’t know, “The Sisterhood” is, a company of women that create a community and have a collective spirit with a desire to make a difference and make the world a better place.” i The simple message of The Sisterhood is all that was needed to spark a revival within her school. The first time that the girls got together for the Sisterhood group, sixty students showed up! Chloe knew that this was incredible and had to be because of the prayers of the girls that came alongside her, as she dreamt her dreams. After the first meeting she could already see a difference with some of the older girls encouraging the younger girls and those that used to be shy starting to fly.

Enter, the sticky notes… even though Chloe couldn’t openly share about Jesus at her school she knew that she could share a message of purpose and life, and hope with her friends. She could inspire them to dream wild dreams, and write goals for their future. So she simply asked that the girls write their dreams on a sticky note. This inspired the girls to create a culture of honesty and spread good news in the coolest way across her high school. Chloe says that she thinks;… “starting sisterhood at her high school created a platform to spread goodness and courage. In order that the girls may know that they are ‘enough’ no matter what other voices say. It is building their confidence and I hope it will continue to build them into their future…”

Chloe you’re so cool.