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Hillsong Conference Story

Hillsong Conference Story

I came to my first Hillsong Conference in 2012 with a heavy heart. Growing up I battled severe depression. I even attempted to take my life on several occasions and it wasn’t unusual for me to self-harm.

As it turned out, going to Hillsong Conference that year was the most life-changing experience I’d ever had as a Christian. There were so many powerful moments. I remember walking into the auditorium and sensing the tangible presence of God. It was electric! Perhaps the most personally impacting message was when TD Jakes spoke about Blind Bartimaeus’s faith. Despite all the odds being stacked against him, Bartimaeus pursued Jesus and received his miracle. This was so meaningful to me, because whenever I had been calling out for change in my family, it seemed as though I was never heard. Nevertheless, God came through…

Since leaving conference that year, I experienced miraculous breakthroughs in my family and what’s more, I graduated from university in spite of my battles with depression.

Three weeks ago, I married my partner, Frank. Although we talked about going overseas for our honeymoon, we chose to come to Hillsong Conference instead. We wanted to kick-off our married life well. Frank has his own story and this is his first time at conference, and I have no doubt he’ll be impacted the way I was four years ago. This year I’m leaving feeling empowered and ready to start my married life with strength and courage. Both Frank and I are prepared to face the future together, trusting that God is with us to help us through, come what may.