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A Hillsong Story

A Hillsong Story

I’ve been to 13 Hillsong Conferences. Every one of them has been different and life changing in one way or another. One time, I came to conference as a volunteer and spent the week hanging out with the Hillsong Bible College students. We’d serve during the day, travel back to the city at night, get 5 seconds
of sleep and then do it all over again. It was unreal! Another time, I came to conference sporting dreadlocks and wearing a knee-length, multi-coloured jumper. Mid-way through conference, the TV crew filmed me. I ended up on the big screens in the main arena. Afterwards, my phone was buzzing like crazy. Friends were texting me. “Hey Spliv, you’re on the screen.” That year I made friends with people I didn’t even know. Passers-by would stop me and say, “Hey, aren’t you’re the girl in the colourful clothing.”

This year’s Hillsong Conference has been a real turning point. I am pregnant (metaphorically speaking) with some crazy ideas. One of them is to establish a backpackers hostel in the USA. Our speaker this morning, Erwin McManus spoke about jars of oil and believing God for big dreams. In my journal, I drew jars of oil to remind myself of this message – it was such a confirmation.

This evening I was awarded the title of ‘Delegate of the Day.’ My friends and I had no idea the ‘dance cam’ would zero in on us in a crowd of 30,000, but it did. When I spotted myself on the screen, I started dancing like a crazy person. I was called onto the stage and given a bag of goodies.

My real treasure is Jesus. I love him so much. Every year I walk away from conference feeling as though He has spoken directly into my heart.